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How a T-shirt Should Fit a Man - Everything You Should Know

You can’t create your wardrobe without incorporating tee shirts for men. T-shirts are an essential part of a guy’s style, and they can be used in so many different ways. Of course, they come in tons of colors and styles, but what’s most important is understanding how to wear your t-shirts correctly - how to make sure that they fit your body the way they should. 

What is a fitted t-shirt?

Men’s fitted t-shirts hug the body more closely. This isn’t necessarily how you must wear your own style, but fitted t-shirts are definitely an option - and they are definitely in-style. 

How do I find a shirt that fits well?

T-shirt sizes don’t come standard. Between brands, styles, and fabrics, sizes will inevitably be all over the board. Because of this disparity, it can be difficult to know what size you actually are. 

Stop worrying about your size and start concentrating on fit. When you head to different stores, try on a few different sizes to see what looks good and feels right

fitted t-shirt


How A T-Shirt Fits

Here are some elements of the shirt that you should keep an eye on when you’re checking fit:

  • Collar
  • There are two types of collars for essential t-shirts - the rounded collar and the v-neck. It’s up to you on which you choose, but we find that the crewneck collar looks great on every guy, and it’s more versatile too. 

    The collar of a t-shirt should frame your neck and lay directly on your collar bone. You don’t want it so tight that it chokes you, or so loose that it hangs. 

  • Shoulders
  • The shoulder seams are a great way to see if a man’s t-shirt fits him the way that it should. The seam should line up as close as possible with the points of your shoulder bones. If the seams fall off your shoulders and onto your bicep, the shirt is too big. If the seams lay closer to your neck, the shirt is too small. 

  • Sleeves
  • When you wear men’s fitted t-shirts, you want the sleeve to hit around your mid-bicep. If it’s too high, you might look like you’re wearing a tank top. If it starts encroaching on your elbow’s territory, the shirt is too big. 

  • Body
  • You want a t-shirt that fits nice and straight on your body - and this is more likely to happen if you wear a t-shirt made of fine material, like pima cotton

    What are tight fitting shirts called?

    Not to be confused with fitted t-shirts, tight fitting shirts are most often associated with undershirts. Shirts that are especially form fitting are best worn under other articles of clothing. 

  • Length
  • The end of your t-shirt should end halfway between your waist and your groin. If the hem is too high, it might look like your tee shrunk in the wash. If your hem hits lower than your groin, it will shorten your legs and make you look short. 

    Regular Fit and Comfort Fit

    You’ll often see two fits when it comes to t-shirts - regular fit and comfort fit.

    What is comfort fit vs regular fit?

    The quick rundown is that comfort fit tends to be looser (by just a bit), while regular fit tends to hug the body closer. 

  • Comfort Fit
  • If you have a comfort-fit tee, you’ll notice some extra room throughout the shirt, most notably in the chest and torso. You’ll sometimes find thin elastic woven into the fabric for even more comfort. That’s not to say that regular shirts aren’t comfy, too - they are. They just have less of a ‘baggy’ appearance. 

    Comfort fit may be good in the spring or in the summer when you need some room for air to flow and keep you cool. These types of shirts are very popular for the extra room they offer, sometimes even cut broader across the shoulders to make more space there. 

    While this shirt is cut to have more room and offer added comfort, it still creates a nice silhouette for the body. You might also see them called relaxed fit, classic fit, or natural fit. 

    fitted t-shirt

  • Regular Fit

    In the end, regular fit t-shirts aren’t too different from comfort tees. Whether you’re a fitness guru, an office worker, or a bartender, you can wear these types of tee shirts for men - they’re designed for everyone. 

    These fitted t-shirts hug the body a bit more tightly than comfort t-shirts do, but they still maintain a good level of coziness. They’re designed with fuller sleeves and wider armholes than the comfort fit, which works for guys with larger biceps. 

    Finding Your Fit

    There’s no need to stress about finding t-shirts that fit correctly. Just keep these hints in mind and shop for high-quality items like what we offer at Perk, and you’ll be good to go.