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French Men’s Fashion – How To Dress Like A Parisian Man

Paris is one of the most fashionable places in the world, so getting your Paris menswear right is an absolute must. You want to look as chic and sleek as possible when you’re in the City of Lights - and looking good isn’t just for the ladies. Men’s clothing styles matter, too - especially when you’re in Paris. 

What is Parisian style called?

If we had to pick one word to sum up Parisian style, it would be ‘chic.’ Paris men’s clothing is effortlessly elegant; you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard

In Paris, men’s fashion trends revolve around classic, timeless pieces. It’s about having a cool and nonchalant attitude with your clothing, highlighting neutral colors over anything else, and finding a balance between high-class and casual. 

The Everyday Paris Man

Paris men’s fashion is all about feeling confident. For most guys, on a daily basis, business casual is often worn. In America, this style is usually reserved for the office or events held after work but, for the Paris man, it’s the everyday vibe. 

Instead of bright colors, gravitate towards neutrals and shades of black. Beige, white, burgundy, navy blue, and brown are safe choices that will heighten your Parisian style. 

What’s great about neutrals is the fact that they go with everything, meaning you can create countless outfits from just a few pieces. Utilize accessories to create pops of color and visual interest for your Paris men’s fashion and you’ll be good to go. 

French Men’s Fashion


A Tailored Fit

Men’s clothing styles in Paris differ from the American style because they have a slimmer fit. It takes some getting used to, but it’s important to note that, if you want to look like a true Parisian, your clothes must fit the right way. 

If you’re going to go with a loose and a bohemian look, make sure you remain well-groomed. A poorly-groomed man with sloppy style will not put across the best image in Paris. 

Jeans are where you have some wiggle room in guys’ fashion - quite literally. Almost every style of denim jeans will fly in Paris, from slim fit to relaxed fit. If you’re going on a social outing, pair your denim with a casual t-shirt and a leather jacket to look your very best. 

Athleisure is on the rise in Paris as well, so emphasize the fact that you’re up on the dressing styles for men and bust out your loungewear in neutral or classic colors

Paris Fashion Through the Seasons

To avoid looking like a tourist in Paris, you’ll want to know what to wear in each of its gorgeous seasons. Let’s go through Paris fashion in autumn, winter, spring, and summer. 

  • Paris in Autumn
  • In autumn, Paris weather is on the cooler side with sunny skies and a bit of rain scattered throughout. You cannot go wrong with layering during these months, as you can be prepared for anything that way. The perfect combination is a classic button-down shirt with a cardigan or cashmere sweater, then a trench coat to top it all off. 

  • Paris in Winter
  • The weather in Paris, France is chilly and brisk during the winter. It might not snow often, but you’ll frequently experience cold temperatures and icy sleet. 

    Since you’ll want to keep warm during a Paris winter, use accessories to make your outfits stand out from everyone else’s. Make your hat, gloves, and scarf completely your own in an ultra-fashionable way. 

  • Paris in Spring
  • Spring can be unpredictable in Paris, so be ready to change your Parisian men’s style at the drop of a hat. A high-quality t-shirt is always a safe bet, as long as you pair it with jeans and a cardigan (or jacket) that you can throw on if the sun disappears. 

  • Paris in Summer
  • Paris men’s clothing in summer should be light, because this city brings the heat during this season. Chinos will be your best friend, especially those that are lightweight and slim-fit like the ones we offer at Perk

    Do Parisian men wear shorts?

    Shorts are by no means against the fashion code in Paris. After all, this city does get hot. If you wear shorts that fall above your knees and pair them with a button-down shirt, along with sneakers or loafers, you’ll fit right in with Parisian guys. 

    What do guys wear in Paris in summer?

    T-shirts won’t steer you wrong during the summer, especially when you pair them with chinos or nice shorts. T-shirts are a great way to stay cool and look nice, especially if they’re tailored exactly to your body. 

    French Men’s Fashion

    Dressing the Paris Way

    While Paris men’s fashion may take some dedicated thought, we promise it’s possible to look great and feel great in the City of Lights. For more style advice for men, visit Perk’s blog