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Men's Capsule Wardrobe - How to Create in 5 Steps

If you’re tired of weeding through your overly-full closet in search of something to wear, it’s time to create a men’s capsule wardrobe. This type of minimalist wardrobe for men won’t just save you space and time, it’ll also save you money and the mental energy you spend trying to find outfits that work. 

Creating such a capsule wardrobe for men won’t happen overnight, but the final result is worth the energy

In order to create a wardrobe like this, you’ll want to narrow down what you currently have to about 25-40 pieces of clothing. 

What is a men’s capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a closet stocked with basics and essentials that are easily paired with one another, giving you the opportunity to create hundreds of looks from a few simple articles. 

Think about it: you probably have a handful of favorite outfits that you rewear all the time. Creating a capsule wardrobe is simply taking advantage of the clothes that make you feel the most confident, just like your favorite outfits do. 

How to create a men’s capsule wardrobe?

It’s simple. Just gather some basics that are versatile enough to pair with all sorts of looks, like style t-shirts, chinos, and such. 

In five steps, here’s how you can make your men’s capsule wardrobe happen:

  • Understand Your Personal Style

  • It’s true that a lot of the capsule wardrobes for men will incorporate similar pieces, but you’re allowed to let your personal style shine through. 

    Even if you’ve never thought about your personal style, chances are you’ve got one. To find it, just locate the pieces you wear frequently and find links between them. Are they casual? Classy? Refined? Edgy? 

    Understanding your vibes and preferences will help you pick essential pieces for your capsule wardrobe. 

  • Think of Your Lifestyle

  • Your lifestyle encompasses quite a few things, including your job, the weather where you live, and the things you do on the weekends. 

    If you live in California or Florida, where the weather is consistently warm, your capsule wardrobe will look quite different from one that belongs to a guy who lives in Michigan or New York. People who live in temperate climates just need one staple jacket for that errant cool day. But those who live in cooler climates always should keep layering on the forefront of their minds. 

    Most of the pieces in your closet should work year-round, but highlighting a few seasonal articles doesn’t hurt. 

  • Choose a Color Palette

  • This step involves finding the colors you feel most confident in. Think of the colors you wear regularly and incorporate those into your capsule wardrobe for men. Choosing a few crew neck t-shirts in varying shades will never be a bad idea. 

    Think about colors that look nice together, because everything in your men’s capsule wardrobe should pair easily - you want to be able to create more than just one outfit with the pieces you’re investing in. 

    After you decide on a palette that you can mix and match within, toss out anything that doesn’t gel with it. 

  • Prioritize Versatility

  • With a smaller wardrobe, each of your clothing pieces needs to do more. Your chinos shouldn’t work for just one outfit - instead, they might work for five or more (especially if you have pairs in multiple shades). 

    Functionality should be on the forefront of your mind for every purchase. Before you buy, ask yourself how you’ll be able to wear this new piece. 

    For example, if you’re checking out trending men’s t-shirts in the summer, ask yourself how they can be used for layering pieces in the winter. 

  • Quality Over Quantity 

  • Your men’s capsule wardrobe should be centered around quality articles of clothing, not the quantity of your closet. Keep in mind that high-quality pieces will look good for a longer period of time - so, if you’re faced with the choice of spending a bit more money on better-made clothing, doing so is always worth it. 

    Take the classic look of a t-shirt and jeans, for example. Poorly-made t-shirts and jeans might last one season - if you’re lucky. But if you invest in a higher-quality t-shirt and well-made jeans, they’ll not only last, they’ll hold up well enough to pair with other articles of clothing, too. 

    Natural fabrics tend to last longer and be of higher quality than anything synthetic. You can also check the quality of an article of clothing by taking a look at the seams - as they should always be finished, never frayed. 

    Your Capsule Wardrobe

    What is in a men’s capsule wardrobe?

    What’s in a capsule wardrobe for men varies with each individual, but it should center around clothing that can be used in a myriad of different ways, basic pieces that act as the foundation of your closet. 

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