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7 Fashion Mistakes Men Should Avoid While Wearing Clothes

There are a few fashion mistakes that every man knows. Don’t wear socks with sandals, short-shorts are a no-go, and never leave the house with an unironed dress shirt. But there are quite a few fashion mistakes to avoid that the average man has no clue about. 

The stylish man should know what fashion mistakes to avoid - that way, he can always look his best. Because when you know you look good, you feel good, and that makes you look even better. 

What shouldn’t men wear?

That’s the question we’ll dive deeper into during this article. It’s not so much as to what you shouldn’t wear, because the articles of clothing are your choice. Instead, it’s about how you wear your clothes. Don’t worry, we’ll lay everything out for you soon. 

Seven Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

A good dressing style for men depends a lot on fit. It also depends on details. Let’s get into the seven mistakes that men often make when they get dressed in the morning. 

  • Wearing White Athletic Socks

  • White gym socks have a time and a place, just like everything else in your wardrobe. But one place they definitely don’t belong is in the workplace. When you wear them with a suit, they will bring your entire look down a few pegs. They may be functional, but they’re not exactly classy. 

    Leave the white gym socks at home unless you’re headed to the gym. Then and only then is when they’re acceptable. While at work, go for black or brown dress socks, or even some colorful pairs that show off your personality. 

  • Too-Long Pants

  • If you like to wear your sweatpants on the baggier side, that’s one thing. But something you should never do as a stylish man is wear baggy dress pants. Not only do baggy dress pants make you look short, they also make you look sloppy. 

    You want your chinos to barely skim the tops of your shoes.

    What are the rules of men’s fashion? 

    There are a few simple rules of men’s fashion style: make sure to always get the right fit, invest in quality pieces (for example, our chinos at Perk are always a good choice), focus on the details, and understand the rules well enough to break them when it’s appropriate. 

  • Too Many Undone Buttons

  • Buttoning a dress shirt all the way up isn’t always the way to go. You might think it makes you look stuffy and, on some occasions, you might be correct. But be careful when you’re figuring out how many buttons to undo. 

    One of the best fashion tips for men is to never unbutton more than two buttons. This will make you look worse than sloppy - it will make you look sleazy. And that’s definitely not something you want to be known for at work. 

  • Baggy Dress Shirts

  • A baggy dress shirt makes you look bigger than you are, and it also makes you look frumpy and stumpy. 

    Your collar should have no more than two fingers’ worth of room, and your shoulder seams should hit at the edge of your shoulder. When it comes to the fabric around your torso, it should never billow. 

  • A Visible Undershirt

  • An undershirt is different from a t-shirt in the way that  it should never be seen. Think of an undershirt along the same lines as your underwear in how it should act as a base layer, not an accent piece. 

    If you like leaving a couple buttons undone, we recommend investing in a V-neck undershirt, and that will solve your problems. 

    What is unprofessional clothing?

    Unprofessional clothing encompasses pieces that would not be accepted within the workplace. Whether that’s graphic tees, poorly-fitting dress wear, or casual hats, unprofessional clothing should only be worn at home or on the weekends. 

  • Too-Long Jacket Sleeves

  • Jackets are a workwear essential in the summer, winter, and all seasons in between. Because our best male fashion advice surrounds the fit of your clothes, we must emphasize the length of your jacket sleeves. The perfect sleeve should hit just above the wrist bone, which allows ½ inch of the dress shirt sleeve to be seen. 

  • An Excess of Accessories 

  • Bold accessories and accent pieces are great ways to tie together your men’s clothing styles. But too many makes for a busy, uncoordinated, and immature look. Keep your accessories to a minimum, using only high-quality pieces. 

    What should men not wear in 2023?

    In 2023, clothes that are littered with designer logos are out, along with overbearing fragrances, pointy/square toed shoes, skinny jeans, and untucked dress shirts. 

    Dressing Your Best

    It’s our goal at Perk to help you avoid fashion mistakes as best as we can. Use these fashion tips for men to keep dressing your best and feeling great while you do it.