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Fashion Trends in 2023 to Be the Most Stylish Man in Your Group

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Trends change every year, styles come and go, and the most stylish men know that it’s important to keep up with such things. But, while it might be important, it’s not always easy. 

Fashion trends encompass all types of clothes for men, whether we’re talking casual looks or upscale and high-class. In this article, we’ll get into a few of the latest fashion trends to keep an eye out for what you should incorporate into your closet. 

Going All Out With Magenta

What will be the color for 2023?

Every year, Pantone chooses a color of the year - and trending styles for men tend to follow that color. This year, the color is a lush, beautiful magenta.

Magenta is a pinkish-purple shade that not many guys might have in their closets, but there’s no time like the present to find a jacket, shirt, or even socks in the shade. 

There’s no need to feel wary about wearing such a standout tone. There are plenty of ways to work it into your wardrobe - for example, you could even pull off a business casual look by choosing a magenta t-shirt and wearing a nice blazer on top of it. 

A Throwback Trend

What clothes will be trending in 2023?

If you still have a few outfits from the 80s and 90s, now is no time to get rid of them. The fashion trends for 2023 include clothes from these decades because, if nothing else, fashion is cyclical. 

Trending clothes for men have reached into the past to bring the turtleneck to the front of mens’ closets, along with anything made of leather. A great way to weave turtlenecks into your wardrobe is by choosing them instead of dress shirts under a suit jacket, then throwing on a pair of chinos - you’ll be surprised by how classy this look can be. 

There’s also a way to introduce leather to such a look. To amp up your fashion trends of 2023, why not wear a turtleneck, a leather jacket, and a great pair of slim fit chinos

Athleisure Bridges the Gap

As guys head back to the office, new fashion trends should follow them - but also bridge the gap between comfort and work-appropriate. The best way to do that is with athleisure clothes. 

Many brands realize that this fashion trend is going on and, in response, are going softer with the fabrics they make their clothing with. For example, you can expect Perk’s pima cotton t-shirts to be the softest things you’ve ever worn - that is our promise. 

Hybrid Shoes Bring Comfort

It’s not just clothes whose latest fashion trends are focusing on comfort, it’s shoes too. But just because shoes are comfortable to wear enough at work doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. In fact, these trending boots and shoes are as good-looking as ever, they just have softer soles than they used to. 

Dress shoes with a sneaker sole aren’t a new phenomena, but in 2023 you will most likely see more than ever before. With more accommodating, comfortable shoes, guys will experience less foot pain while still wearing something that looks great with their slim fit work trousers

The latest fashion trends also include the dress sneaker, which successfully dresses down an outfit while remaining sharp and classy. As for shoes, there’s no need to do a complete overhaul, but you won’t regret investing in these additions. 

Embracing the Relaxed Fit

What is the trend forecast for 2023 menswear?

If you’ve kept up with the fashion trends of years past, you know that slim suits were all the rage not long ago - but that is no longer the case. Suits are now geared towards modern and contemporary fits instead of ultra-tailored.

Much like other types of fashion, from t-shirts to blazers to chinos, this suit trend is meant to keep you comfortable at the workplace. 

Heading Out West

2023 fashion trends say that cowboys are cool again, which means that Western wear is all the rage this year. Of course, that doesn’t mean going all out with your jeans, cowboy boots, chaps, and hat - but it does mean putting a taste of the rugged ranch into your everyday look, especially in the summer

We know that country Western wear can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to this style of clothing, so start small. This style for a man can work with a simple denim shirt and a canvas or waxed jacket. There’s no need to look like you’ve started work on a horse farm - just be subtle with it! 

Staying Up on the Trends

How to dress better in 2023?

Dressing better in 2023 depends on staying up on what’s trending and finding your personal style within those trends. For more information on 2023 fashion trends, be sure to keep an eye on Perk’s blog