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Men’s Fashion Tips and Guide for Basic Color Coordination

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Some of the most important men’s fashion tips have to do with color coordinated outfits. It can be tough to figure out what colors ‘go’ with others, and if you get it wrong - you get it really wrong. Whether the weather is warm or cold, being able to nail color coordination is a big part of looking fashionable. 

Pairing the right colors gives your style the boost that you’ve been looking for. After you read this guide full of style tips for men, the skill should come as second nature. 

Color Combos

One of the most useful men’s fashion tips is using the color when working with color coordination. By looking at the wheel, you’ll be able to identify complementary colors and see what shades work well together - and what shades clash. 

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, and these tones balance each other out. Analogous colors are right beside each other and blend well. Triadic colors are three hues that are evenly spaced, and they offer a bold look. 

But while the color wheel can be helpful, it’s not all you should rely on for color coordination. Being good at color coordinated outfits comes with experience and practice. 

In this article, we’ll list colors that go the best with navy, burgundy, green, beige, red, black, and white so you can have an easier time with color coordination. 

Navy Blue

Most guys know to avoid black when wearing navy, as it creates a look that is much too dark - and the colors have a tendency to clash. When wearing navy, choose a light color like white or beige instead to lift your color palate. 

You can’t go wrong with a white shirt and navy chinos, it’s a combination that will always be striking. Soft pink is also a great choice with anything navy, along with light blue, maroon, and red. 


Burgundy isn’t the easiest color to match with, but it is known for its super stylish look. Navy is a great choice to pair with burgundy, as it creates an appearance that is both timeless and flattering. Neutrals work well with burgundy, too - choosing tones like black, white, gray, or brown make for a stunning outfit. 


You may not be drawn to green, but you’d be surprised by how versatile this color is. Don’t be afraid to utilize it! In order to hone the attractiveness of green, you need to choose the right shade. The most flattering shades for guys are dark, along with olive and khaki

Keep your complementary colors simple when working with green. Black is always a good partner, and white is too. If the weather is cold and you’re going for a wintry look, you could always utilize brown, burgundy, or navy. 


Beige is a soft hue, so light colors work best with it. If you choose crisp white, blue, or tan, you’ll love the final result. 

The tone of beige does matter, though, as there are a few different options to choose from. Yellow-based beige can be difficult to match with, but you could always go for richer tones like maroon, navy, or brown for a nice-looking pair. 


Red is bold, so it should be paired with neutral hues. If your style falls on the edgy side, pairing red with black works well. If you’re more straight-laced, red and white is perfect. You could also choose a classic look by pairing a red shirt with a pair of navy chinos. 


Black is probably the most versatile color there is, and it works with almost anything. Some colors are more stylish than others, though. If you want a timeless look, choose white to pair with your black pants, as this achieves a look that falls right between light and dark aesthetics. But while this look is timeless, it can be a bit striking. If you want something a little gentler on the eyes, put a white shirt under an entirely black suit. 

Pink and baby blue also go well with black to lighten it up, but if you want something bolder, choose red. 


White requires some styling in order to get the most fashionable looks out of it. With a white shirt, choosing black, navy, or light blue pants is something you’ll never regret. But while it’s warm, beige and sand can help you achieve a summery look. 

Top Tier Color Combinations

As a rule of thumb, aim for balance with the colors you choose, and pair bold colors with neutrals in order to avoid a clash. If you want to break up a black outfit, choose light colors like white, pink, and baby blue. 

These tools should help you create looks from your wardrobe that you’ll love. For more style advice for men, check out Perk’s blog.