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5 Style Tips To Dress Like A Masculine Man

Dressing in a masculine way makes you feel more stylish, confident, and charismatic. Wearing masculine outfits can make you look taller, stronger, and more manly to those around you. Follow these style tips for men and you can dress like a strong, stylish man.

Wear clothes that fit well

It’s simple, but wearing clothes that fit well is an easy way to dress with a more masculine style. Men’s fashion wear that is the right size will accentuate your best features while making you look amazing.

Clothes that are too small or large will negatively impact your look and make you look less masculine. Small clothes are uncomfortable, restrict your movement, potentially accentuate less desirable features, and make you seem less professional. Large or baggy clothes will hide your body shape, making you look larger than you are. They also make you appear less professional and presentable.

Instead, go with clothes that are close to your figure and accentuate it, but without being too tight. A nice pair of slim-fit trousers or some bicep boosting t-shirts are a great option for masculine clothing that fits well. Wearing clothes that fit well is one of the easiest and most effective style tips for men.


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Wear high quality clothes 

High quality clothes are an essential part of masculine style. Well-crafted, high quality men’s fashion wear immediately makes you seem more professional, responsible, and manly. High quality clothes are the basis of any outfit or style for men.

You may think that having lots of lower quality clothes would be better, but that’s not the case. Masculine styles are better suited to clothes that are durable and dependable. A smaller selection of well-made clothes will give you a stronger style.

So instead of picking up a whole bunch of cheap t-shirts, get a bundle of Perk’s Feel Good Tees, and you’ll be rocking masculine style in no-time.

Go with classic styles

There’s nothing that screams masculine style like wearing classic styles. Timeless outfits and styles have stood the test of time for a reason—because they look good—and smart men know not to fix something that isn’t broken. 

A tailored suit, a button down with chinos, jeans and a high quality t-shirt, khaki pants and a polo, and more are all classic masculine outfits. No matter your body shape or style, these classic styles can help you sport a more rugged look. Smart casual is another classic style that any man can pull off.

Sticking to classic clothing and styles is one of the best and simplest pieces of men’s fashion advice - it’s a no-brainer.

Create simple but stylish outfits with neutral colors

You may be tempted to embrace neon colors and complex styles, but simple outfits with neutral colors are one of the best masculine styles available. 

Colors that are too bold can distract from your features, and a lack of colors can make your outfits bland. Finding the right balance of colors is an essential style tip for men.

A nice pair of gray pants and a navy shirt make for a great masculine outfit. It is simple, but it is timelessly stylish. Again, it’s all about finding the balance between too much color and not enough color to create the right masculine outfits.

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Wear your clothes with confidence

This tip isn't directly men’s fashion advice, but it will certainly help you wear more outfits for a masculine look. Wearing your clothes and carrying yourself with confidence will instantly give you a more masculine style.

Ultimately, mens’ styles can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It comes down to the wearer to make those outfits have a masculine style.

Someone who wears the right clothes but lacks confidence and doesn’t carry themselves well won’t have that classic masculine look. But if that same person was walking around confidently, their style would seem stronger and more powerful. 

The clothes you wear do have an impact here though. Wearing clothes that are stylish, well-made, dependable, and comfortable, like a classic pair of Feel Good Chinos, can help you gain the confidence you need. However, it is up to you to rock your masculine styles with confidence.

Enjoy Your Masculine Look

Now that you have the men’s style tips and men’s fashion advice you need, go enjoy your new masculine look. Walk around town or the office with a new level of confidence thanks to your new clothing and outfits. 

Just don’t forget the most important men’s fashion advice and men’s style tips—wear high-quality clothes that fit, wear classic styles with neutral colors, and be confident no matter what you're wearing. With those men’s style tips in mind, you’ll be more masculine than ever.