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7 Essential Style Tips to Help Men Over 40 Feel Their Best

Reaching age 40 is a big turning point in a man’s life. Some people say life begins at 40. Now that you’ve made it, you’ll likely find some perks waiting for you, like a newfound sense of confidence and an easier time gaining people’s respect. But with these new perks comes a responsibility to update your style to fit your age and experience, which means honing your style with fashion for men over 40. 

1. Fit your pants correctly. 

Unless your name is Mick Jagger, avoid super skinny jeans at all costs. Leave the tight pants to the younger generations and the rock stars. However, that doesn’t mean you should start wearing baggy pants when you turn 40. On the contrary, it’s more important now than ever that your pants are well-fitted. Loose-fitting pants tread dangerously into “dad jeans” territory. (You know the look.) 

Keep your pants close-fitted through the thigh and knee and make sure there’s no extra length that makes them look baggy around the ankles. When in doubt, a classic pair of slim fit chinos from our collection at Perk will do the trick - these pants are the best look for men. 

2. Avoid light wash jeans.

Some styles are simply off the table when you reach a certain age, regardless of how well they’re fitted (we’re looking at you, cargo pants). However, there are still plenty of options when it comes to 40s men’s fashion. 

You can absolutely continue to pull off well-fitted jeans — as long as they aren’t too light. Darker jeans look better on men over 40 and help you dodge the “dad jeans” look that many men stumble into by mistake. It’s good to avoid light or medium washes in general.

3. Keep your t-shirts neat and tidy.

The “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look is no style for men over 40. You shouldn’t try to pull off the messy hair and rumpled t-shirt any longer. There’s nothing wrong with continuing to wear t-shirts, but make sure you keep them crisp and simple. Graphic tees will have to go as well — after 40, it’s best to stick to plain white or solid, muted colors. 

At Perk, we offer a variety of classic, understated colors that will help you not only stay comfortable, but look classy and mature while you’re at it. Amidst our selection of tees, you can find colors like Deep Sea, Bright White, Graphite, and more. 

4. Sports jerseys are for sporting events.

Men’s fashion over 40 should not include sports jerseys. They may be comfortable, but they’re a bit undignified for a sophisticated man. While you’re at it, say goodbye to any kind of athletic wear for any occasion other than exercise. A sports jersey might be an okay everyday look for a college student, but not for a respectable man above the age of 40. 

Instead, if you’re looking for something comfortable, try one of our Low Key Long Sleeve t-shirts. These pair well with almost any pants, and you can dress them up or down. The options are endless. 

5. You can keep wearing sneakers.

Just because you’re aiming for the style of a man in his 40s doesn’t mean you have to dress formally all the time. In fact, if you’re a sneaker person, you can keep on wearing them right into your 40s and beyond. Opt for something simple like a classic white tennis shoe. 

6. Match your socks and shoes appropriately. 

Your 40s are a good time to start thinking harder about the socks you wear. Your typical crew-cut cotton socks should only be worn with sneakers. Likewise, reserve dress socks for when you're wearing dress shoes.

7. Stick with the classics.

Experimental fashion is the domain of teens and twenty-somethings. Now that you’ve made it past 40, ditch the trends and embrace classic looks like button down shirts or cardigans. A feel good style like this has stood the test of time for a reason.

However, just because it’s time to rid your closet of irony and dramatic experimentation doesn’t mean you can’t still express yourself through fashion in other ways. For men over 40, tasteful accessories like a nice watch or pair of sunglasses are great additions.

Confidence and Comfort Are Key

As you explore the world of fashion for men over 40, keep in mind there’s more than one right way to dress. Your age should play a large role in your fashion decisions, but it’s not the only factor. The best look for men depends heavily on lifestyle as well. You should wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident on a day-to-day basis. But no matter what look works best for you, updating it to match your age is a great way to give yourself a little boost in life.