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Cool Tips - Styling Comfy T-shirts with Track Jackets and Pants!

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There’s almost nothing more classic than a tracksuit look paired with comfy t-shirts. Not only is this a vibe for hanging out and chilling, these getups are also great tracking outfits. If you’re looking for something that will keep you feeling relaxed yet put together while you’re on the go, look no further than travel t-shirts - AKA crisp, stylish tees that make you feel like you’re wearing a cloud. 

Every guy needs at least one tracksuit in their wardrobe - or, at least, a track jacket. These types of outfits - tracking clothes - work great on anyone and they help you look slick and feel comfortable. We know you don’t want to look like a slob just to wear soft, comfy t-shirts, and you don’t have to. We’re going to teach you how to put on leisure wear without looking like you just rolled out of bed. 

Track Pants

Just as amazing as track jackets are track pants, which are a type of sweatpant with a tapered leg and drawstring waist. Track pants are sometimes referred to as joggers or slim-leg sweatpants as well, and many of them feature ribbed cuffs or side zippers around the ankle. These pants are made of lightweight, stretchy material, as they were initially designed to keep athletes cool

Even though track pants were originally meant for athletes, they’ve been growing more and more popular on the streets. 

The way that track pants differ from sweatpants is simple: what they’re made of. Sweatpants are traditionally created with heavy cotton - this helps to keep the wearer warm, but it doesn’t make for a great look. Track pants, on the other hand, are more lightweight and made with cotton or polyester. 

There are tons of ways that you can rock track pants - whether that’s with comfy t-shirts or something completely different. 

The Classic Look

The most classic look we can think of involves pairing comfy t-shirts with track pants. Whether you’re headed to the gym or simply out and about during the summer, this modern, sporty look is a way to catch the eyes of those around you. 

The key to making a mastery of this classic look lies in the fit. Investing in a few quality t-shirts, like the ones we offer at Perk, will do you a world of good. Making sure to buy higher quality track pants is a smart choice, too. 

Hint: if you’re wondering how to style a pair of printed track pants, try them out with a plain white travel t-shirt. You can’t go wrong there. 

Styling Tracking Outfits

It’s not easy to get tracking clothes exactly right, which is why we compiled a list of three ideas on how you can style them. Just keep an open mind and be ready to try something that you’ve never attempted before, and you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Style Tip 1: At the Office

We bet you never thought you could make soft, comfy t-shirts work at the office - but we encourage you to think again! With the right amount of precision and a good fit, your look should go off without a hitch. 

At the office, you probably shouldn’t go full-on track clothes - instead, pick one piece, like a single-color track jacket. If you pair that with a plain black t-shirt, you’d be surprised at the clean, professional look that you create. 

You can also combine a black track jacket with jeans or black pants for a more polished look, all the while staying super comfortable. Add a pair of black shades and you’ve really got something going on; people will know that you’re cool without you having to say a single word. 

Style Tip 2: Be Bold

By wearing a bold track jacket (maybe even something in satin) you’re putting across a bold statement that says you know how to dress. You can layer this jacket with a similarly-toned t-shirt or zip it all the way up, whatever you’re feeling that day. 

Or, if you’re extra brave, you could pair the track jacket with a vintage band tee and an old pair of jeans. 

Style Tip 3: Go Minimal

This may be the most unexpected look yet, but stay with us - a track jacket paired with a trench coat. Once fall starts to descend upon us, you’ll wonder how you lived without this tip. If you think beyond blue and black, you can go even further. 

Try a beige trench coat over a fawn-colored track jacket and see how far you go. Paired with a sharp pair of chinos, you’ll be unstoppable - just don’t forget the white sneakers. 

Tracking Clothes

Nailing tracking outfits is all about getting the fit and vibe right, and pairing the right pieces together. For more tips on men’s fashion, take a look at Perk’s blog