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How to Choose the Very Best Men’s Chinos for Your Body Type

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Our differences make us unique. Such differences mean that the same articles of clothing don’t look the same on one guy as they do on another. 

Perk is going to explain not only chinos for big guys, but chinos for short guys, chinos for tall guys, and chinos for skinny guys - we’ll go into detail about the best men’s chinos all-around so you can figure out what works best for your body type. 

The definition of chinos

Chinos are versatile enough to suit almost any occasion, from a day at work to a night on the town to a weekend strolling around with those you love. 

Chinos are by no means a new phenomenon. They’ve been around for over 200 years, and they were originally called khakis - which is actually a reference to the sandy color of the cotton twill fabric, not the fabric itself. 

Most every brand has their own version of chinos, though they originally began as pants with slanted or on-seam side pockets, belt loops, and a wide fit. If that’s not your style, though, that’s okay. You’ve got plenty of styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for skinny tapered chinos or slim chino pants or something completely different. 

What type of chinos are best?

As always, style is subjective. But, at Perk, our personal opinion on what chinos rank superior surrounds slim chino pants. We think that this style is universally flattering, not to mention long-lasting and timeless. When it comes to dress pants and men’s fashion, this classic style never dies, making it a fashion investment and not just a quick fix. 

Classic vs. slim fit vs. skinny fit chinos

Let's break down the differences between classic, slim fit, and skinny fit chinos.

  • Classic: These are your timeless, relaxed-fit chinos. They're comfortable and versatile, perfect for any occasion.
  • Slim Fit: For a more tailored look, opt for slim fit chinos. They're snugger through the seat and thighs, with a sleek silhouette.
  • Skinny Fit: If you're all about a tight, trim look, go for skinny fit chinos. They're slim all the way through, perfect for showing off your shape.

Choose the fit that suits your style and rock those chinos with confidence!

When should I wear chinos?

Since the best men’s chinos are known for their versatility, you can pretty much wear them anytime you want. If you’re not wearing jeans, you’re most likely wearing chinos - or, at times, you might even choose chinos over your favorite denim. They also pair well with anything, whether you pick out a polo shirt, a classic tee, an oxford button-up, or a blazer. 

How do you find a chino that fits you?

Now, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of this article. The best men’s chinos flatter every guy’s figure, making for a dapper yet modern look that’s maintained its popularity for decades, which is surprising for dress pants! But, it’s still important to take differing body types into account. After all, finding a fit that feels comfortable and looks great is key to any fashion trend, including this one! Let’s get into what chinos look best on different shapes.  

Chinos for tall guys

If you’re a guy who’s been blessed with height and you’re looking for chinos for tall guys, you’ve probably gone through your own trials and tribulations of your pants not being long enough. But when you try to compensate for length, you end up with too much fabric in general - and that can ruin your good look. 

What you need to concentrate on is slim chino pants. Keep in mind that if a few inches of ankle are showing, that’s not a bad thing - it’s actually in style. These slim fit pants will show off your height and catch plenty of eyes on the street, and stretch chinos can also help the situation.  

Chinos for short guys

Chinos for short guys might seem like a whole different ball game, but it’s really not. Skinny chino pants can look just as good on you as they do on tall guys - and if you end up with too much fabric around the bottom, get them hemmed or just roll them up. Both tactics make for a nice, crisp look that won’t drown you in your pant legs. 

Chinos for muscular guys

If you have a pretty average body type with a bit of muscle, you’re in luck - most clothing manufacturers make clothes for your exact frame. To look your best, you want to find the happy medium between too baggy and a second skin, and that means leaning into slim chino pants. We’re telling you, you can’t go wrong with this style. 

Chinos for bigger guys 

Chinos for big guys aren’t all that different for guys of average size. Your days of shopping for ‘husky’ pants are over, by the way, and you can start shopping for chinos that have room throughout the legs, and perhaps something with a bit of a higher waist. Don’t go with pants that fit tightly in the thighs - instead, find something that gives you a bit of breathing room to look your best. 

For bigger guys, remember that dark colors like black and navy are your friend. They accentuate your best features, and they go with pretty much everything

Do chinos go with everything?

The simple answer to this question is that yes, they do. Chinos are upscale enough to look great at work, and casual enough to not stick out (negatively) at the bar. 

Who makes the best-fitting chinos?

There’s only one correct answer to this question, and you probably already know what it is. When it comes to the best work chinos, casual chinos, and all-around quality chinos, Perk ranks the highest out of any other company. 

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