accessories to add to an outfit, pocket square men, mens formal accessories

Ways to Accessorize Business Casual Outfit for Men

Years ago, all that guys wore in the workplace were formal suits and ties. But, luckily, those days are long over. Most offices these days accept business casual men's outfits, which is great because the men’s business casual look doesn’t just work for the office, it also helps guys look fashionable in other settings. 

In order to make your business casual looks for men work to your advantage, though, you have to know how to accessorize them. 

If you’re not sure what accessories to add to an outfit, don’t worry. As always, Perk is here to help.

What items are business casual?

A few examples of the new and improved business outfit for men is substituting the suit jacket for a sport coat, skipping the tie to opt for an open collar, and experimenting with chino pants in interesting patterns. 

Keep in mind the fact that it’s up to you to decide what’s appropriate or not while getting dressed at home. If you’re not sure, always err on the side of being overdressed rather than underdressed. 

accessories to add to an outfit, pocket square men, mens formal accessories

What accessories can I add to my outfit?

We love men’s formal accessories because there are so many interesting choices. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of it soon, but you can choose to accessorize with neckwear, belts, watches, and more. 

Business Casual Belts

There are ways to make your men’s dressing style casual looks shine without a belt, but we believe that adding a belt will always elevate your outfit. A leather belt pairs well with chinos, khakis, dress slacks, and suit pants - there’s not much this accessory can’t do. It acts as a great contrast to the pants - wearing a black belt with black or gray pants and a brown one with khakis or brown chinos. It’s also a wise idea to match the color of your belt to the color of your shoes. 

accessories to add to an outfit, pocket square men, mens formal accessories

How many accessories should a man wear?

Wearing too many men’s accessories and not enough is a fine line to toe. You don’t want to push your look overboard, but you want your accessories to be noticeable. 

Business Casual Socks

While it’s always smart to match your socks with your outfit, you don’t have to go for an exact color match to make the look work. 

For a relaxed and unique look, branch out and wear socks with fun, yet classy, patterns. Wearing a two-toned shadow striped pair of socks with colors that complement the hues of your outfit is the perfect way to tie your look together. 

You’ll never regret buying high-quality socks. These garments will keep you warm, feel comfortable, and help you look stylish with your business casual looks for men. 

Business Casual Shoelaces

Shoelaces might be something you’ve never considered before, so let us introduce you to their exciting world. Shoelaces are the perfect way to jazz up your shoe collection without having to spend an arm and a leg investing in more shoes. Experimenting with colors with your shoelaces is fun and interesting - try matching the color of your shoelaces to the shirt that you’re wearing; this will help your entire outfit harmonize with itself. 

For a formal look, minimize the contrast between your shoe and its laces. For a casual look, though, go ahead and maximize the contrast. 

accessories to add to an outfit, pocket square men, mens formal accessories

What types of accessories must go with your business attire? 

Great accessories to bring out the best in your business casual clothes for men are belts, shoes, and watches. These are three staples you shouldn’t go without. 

Business Casual Watches

There are plenty of ways to make your business outfit for men come to life with a good wristwatch. The only watches you should avoid are those that are much too big, those that have a metal band, or those that are overly clunky or complex. The business casual watch should be light, classy, and subtle, just like the business casual outfit itself. A simple leather band is your best bet. 

accessories to add to an outfit, pocket square men, mens formal accessories

To Tie or Not to Tie

It is possible to wear a tie or a bow tie with your business casual clothes for men. They can help you look especially organized, with bow ties being more suitable for formal events and regular neckties being widely accepted in the office on a day-to-day basis. Your necktie should match your shirt and your pants so your outfit remains cohesive and stylish. 

What should you not wear for business casual?

On one end of the spectrum, we’ve gone over that bowties are mostly meant for more formal events. On the other end, rest assured that wearing sweatpants and trying to pass them off as a business outfit for men will never fly. 

Your Business Casual Accessories 

Accessories are the best way to make your business casual outfit the best it can be. For more men’s fashion tips, head on over to Perk’s blog.