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Fashionable Tips for Wearing Chinos and T-Shirts in Different Seasons

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Today, Perk is going to give you some fashion advice on how to make the most classic combination in your wardrobe work for you during any season. 

We’re talking about chinos and t-shirts, of course. Those who don’t know much about this style often find themselves asking:

Can I wear t-shirts with chinos?

If you’re not a frequent wearer of chinos, you might think that they’re too formal for casual t-shirts for men - but we’re here to tell you that, thankfully, you’re wrong. Chino pants for men pair wonderfully with t-shirts, and they work well in a huge number of situations and occasions. 

This look is known for its versatility, looking good with men’s summer tees and fall t-shirts. In fact, chinos work with all types of men’s clothing styles.

While it’s difficult to go wrong with the t-shirt and chinos combination, it does help to have a system when it comes to this style. Color matching is important, too! 


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best summer tshirts, lightweight summer chinos, best t shirts for me

Two Important Rules

Chino pants for men paired with a classic tee - this outfit acts as the bones of your wardrobe. That means you can add a wide range of details to help it reach its full potential. 

What season do you wear chinos?

Whether you choose to pair them with men’s summer tees, fall tee shirts, or winter layers, chinos work for all seasons. Trust us on that one! 

All types of t-shirts tend to work with chinos, but we’re partial to our pima cotton stylish t-shirts for men simply because they’re super comfortable, super soft, and they last forever. But this is just the base of the outfit - let’s get into the rules and what you should add to this look. 


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best summer tshirts, lightweight summer chinos, best t shirts for me

Weather Matters 

The temperature outside plays a big part of how you choose to wear your t-shirt and chinos. Of course, chinos are suitable for all seasons because they’re made of cotton twill that is light and airy for summer and warm and cozy in winter. T-shirts are also possible for any season thanks to the art of layering! 

Let’s take a look at outfit examples for different seasons: 

  • Summer - A great pair of slim-fit chinos for summer, a classic tee shirt, hat, boat shoes, with an optional denim shirt to layer for the evening. 
  • Fall/Spring - Skinny or slim-fit chinos, a classic tee, and an open button-down shirt with suede loafers. 
  • Winter - Heavier chinos, a classic tee, a wool cardigan, a parka, and chelsea boots. 

What do you wear with chinos in the winter?

If the area where you live gets especially chilly, it may benefit you to invest in some chinos made of heavier cotton. That way, you’ll be sure to stay warm. 

best summer tshirts, lightweight summer chinos, best t shirts for me

The Level of Formality Matters

It’s not just the seasons you should keep in mind when you’re making the most of this classic look. While chinos and a t-shirt work great in casual settings, they can work in semi-casual settings, too, if you know what to pair them with. 

Based on the seasons, here are some semi-casual ideas on how to rock your chinos and t-shirt:

  • Summer - Lightweight summer chinos in khaki, a white short-sleeved t-shirt, navy blazer, and leather loafers. 
  • Winter - Heavyweight navy chinos, a white turtleneck, a quilted vest or wool cardigan, a tweed gray sports coat, and brogue shoes. 


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As a rule of thumb, stick to neutral colors when you’re dressing your chinos and t-shirt up for a semi-casual occasion. 

Color Matching 

Do chinos go with everything? 

Chinos do have the potential to go with everything if you invest in neutral colors like black, brown, white, gray, navy, and olive. These colors are subtle and understated, meaning they’re also extremely versatile - making them a great investment for your classic wardrobe. 

If you use these colors as a guide to help you pick your t-shirts and other clothes, you’ll have an endless treasure trove of outfit options - since neutrals all pair well with each other. It’s incredibly convenient to mix and match almost every article of clothing in your closet, especially for young guys who are still finding their way in the fashion world

Make note of the fact that even neutrals have varying shades to keep an eye out for. Some have warm undertones and some have cool, and we find that what works best is wearing warm undertones with your summer tee shirts, and keeping the cool undertones with your winter wear and fall t-shirts. 

best summer tshirts, lightweight summer chinos, best t shirts for me

Classic Chinos and a Tee

Whether you’re dressing your outfit down by wearing chinos, a tee, and a track jacket, or dressing it up with chinos, a tee, and a blazer, Perk is here to support your fashion endeavors - and we’re here to tell you how to make the best of your look, too. 

As always, check out our blog for more fashion tips for men!