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Casual Friday Fashion: What to Wear for a Stylish and Relaxed Look

Fridays are for fun times, so why stress over your outfits? Friday is the end of the week and the start of the weekend, so you need good options for both the Friday workday and Friday nightlife. Luckily for you, Perk Clothing has assembled the best tips to perfect your Friday style, in the day or the evening.

General Tip

Before we get into the more setting-specific stuff, let’s clarify the single most important thing you can keep in mind when you’re building a wardrobe for good personal styling: you want good pieces that fit into a lot of good outfits. That bright yellow Hawaiian shirt may look awesome, but how many outfits can it fit into? 

You want versatile pieces. A lot of what we say below is going to be predicated on this idea, so keep it in mind!

How Should I Dress on Friday?

As with any day of the week, there’s no hard and fast rule for how you should dress; however, because Fridays are the start of the weekend, you probably want to favor more relaxed, casual looks. Within that, there’s no real “casual Friday dress code,” but anything that feels comfortable, looks good, and is appropriate for work/public is probably good for you.

Which Colours are Best on Fridays?

Fridays aren’t necessarily built for a specific colour, but it can be a good day to bust out some of your brighter shirts/accessories and patterned jackets, as we discuss below.

Workday Styling

Alright, it’s Friday and you’re getting ready for the workday. You need to assemble an outfit that is simultaneously Friday- and work-appropriate. The key here is casual. Business casual, to be specific. And we don’t mean the loose-fitting khakis and baby blue button-ups. Business casual is a huge class of style, and you should explore it thoroughly.

Let’s walk through the best clothing pieces you can use for business casual, Friday outfits.


Chinos are like khakis but more stylish, more comfortable, and more casual. Investing in a good pair (or four) of chinos will revolutionize your outfits in general, but it will specifically take your casual, Friday work outfits to the next level.

If you are getting multiple chinos (which we highly recommend), you want to make sure that you’re getting chinos of various colors. Black chinos look nice, yes, but you don’t want six pairs of them. Get a variety of neutral colors so that you can match them with almost any top, and save your “outfit novelty budget” for your shoes or shirt. Good color choices are grey, navy, black, and beige. You can also try out a green or white pair.


For your top, you want some good shirts to go with your chinos. Depending on your work setting, business casual can vary pretty greatly here. If your office doesn’t care if you rock a t-shirt, then get some stylish, comfortable tees. If they prefer button-ups, then explore short-sleeve and patterned long-sleeve options to bring some spice to your outfit tops.

This is where having relatively neutral chinos or jeans works very well because now you’re free to match practically any design with any pair of pants. Go crazy with the combinations (so long as you’re following complementary colors).


Finally, every good outfit needs a good pair of shoes. Whether you’re rocking a pair of Oxfords or going with a more casual pair of sneakers, you want shoes that match the general vibe of your outfit thus far (though some people prefer to start with the shoe and work out from there). A casual Friday look can work with high tops or with dress shoes; it’s all about the outfit they’re paired with.

More Tips

If you want even more tips and ideas for business casual styling, we have another article that may pique your interest: a more general look at office-appropriate styles for men. And, another post that may be useful for your more professional/serious Friday styling is our Good Friday styling article.

Evening Styling

Now, we move into the evening. Whether you’re going to a bar with your friends or out on a date with your special someone, there are some additional things you’re going to want to consider when styling for the evening and night; however, you will sometimes be able to make your business casual outfit work for your evening look. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But if you do need to fix it for the evening, then we’ve got your back. The core pillars of casual Friday attire are similar but different, to those of the Friday workday styling we discussed.


Now, you’re probably thinking we cheated by putting chinos in evening styling after having them in workday styling. Maybe we are cheating, but at the end of the day, chinos are just that good. Like we said before: invest in a good selection of well-fitting, clean chinos, and your outfit game will improve by orders of magnitude.

Chinos are perfectly at home in anything from a casual, relaxed Friday night outfit to slightly more formal Friday ensembles. They’re the perfect in-between of dress pants and jeans while having more color variety than either.


Pants are nothing without good shirts to back them up. Getting some good-fitting, casual tees to go with your chinos is key to good evening styling. Perk Clothing’s Feel Good Tees are comfortable and designed to fit snugly without being constricting, and that’s exactly what you’ll want from any good casual Friday clothing.

You can still use button-ups in the evening, as well—especially if you’re going somewhere a little nicer. As mentioned repeatedly, the key to good Friday night styling is to be relaxed and comfortable while looking and feeling good. If that’s a T-shirt for you, by all means. If it’s a button-up and a jacket, knock yourself out.


Take what we said for the workday styling of shoes and expand it. Evening styling of shoes can be even more varied, but generally favors more fun/bright colorations. Those black and red Jordans you’ve never taken out of the box? A Friday night outfit for going out on the town is the perfect reason to break them out.


Finally, you need good accessories for any casual Friday look. Swap out your watch band, throw on some bracelets, or find a good hat. Accessories complete and accentuate an evening outfit’s look. If you want even more tips on accessorizing, we have a complete guide to accessorizing your chinos and t-shirt outfits.

Revolutionize Your Wardrobe

If you read this article and realized, “I don’t have enough good wardrobe options to make rounded, versatile outfits at the drop of a hat,” then fear not, friend. Perk Clothing has your back with some of the best chinos and tees on the market, so check out our store!