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Coats Men Should Wear This Winter with a Stylish Look

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The weather is slowly getting colder, and for many men, their style is about to hit its peak. The winter coat is one of the most stylish components of men’s fashion, and the types of jackets for men that are on trend each year are always interesting to see. 

At Perk, we love the variety that coincides with men’s winter fashion, and a good chunk of that variety hinges on men’s winter coats. In this article, you’ll find a handful of men’s winter coats and jackets and what sorts of outfits make each one shine the brightest. 

Best Winter Jackets for Men

Here are some of our favorite types of jackets for men:

  • Wool Coat

  • Wool coats are the ultimate classic when it comes to men’s fashion in the winter. They keep you warm, they make you look smart, and they look great with almost anything. They look sleek and stylish when paired with a suit and dress shoes, but you can also easily get away with sporting your favorite chinos from Perk with a wool coat, too. 

    Right now, the oversized trend is in, so keep up with the times by choosing a wool coat that’s big and long. You can stand out with patterns like checks and plaid, or buy a wool coat in a classic color like camel, navy, gray, or black for a winter piece that will never go out of style. 

  • Puffer Coats

  • The men’s puffer coat is practical and back in style. These types of coats are thick, warm, and wide enough so they fit easily over multiple layers; there’s no way you’ll get chilly when you’re wearing one of these. 

    Since puffer coats are casual, we recommend keeping your outfit simple underneath. Jeans are always a good choice, but if you want to class it up by just a few degrees, pair your puffer with your chinos from Perk and a fresh pair of sneakers.

  • Trench Coat 

  • Wearing a trench coat for men is super versatile, because these types of coats come in many different styles and versions. The classic trench coat is double-breasted and beige, including details like a belt, wrist straps, epaulets, and pockets. 

    While this coat isn’t the warmest option on the list, it’s perfect for those winter days that trick you into thinking spring is around the corner. Bust out your t-shirt, throw on a trench coat, and enjoy the sun. 

  • Down Coat

  • If you live in a state that gets extremely cold, down coats are the winter coat that you need. These coats are fashionable and functional. 

    Choose a down coat in green, navy blue, or gray to stay warm and neutral, or go for a bolder color that will make you stand out on the street. Down coats come in all sorts of lengths, from those that end at your waist to those that reach your ankles. 

    Down coats are typically worn best with casual outfits. Layer a t-shirt under a casual weekend sweater, throw on a pair of jeans, and you’re good to go with this jacket for men. 

  • Parka

  • Parkas are types of jackets for men that 90s-lovers can’t resist. Parkas are minimalist, slightly longer than your waist, and known for their versatility. Don’t be afraid to wear them over a suit, because they look great with formalwear, but you can also pair them with jeans and casual t-shirts

  • Peacoat

  • A peacoat is a type of winter coat that’s double-breasted, waist-length, and wool. It’s very warm with a big collar that you can pull over your neck to keep the wind off of your skin. These coats are timeless and classic when bought in class colors like navy blue, gray, and black. Make sure to choose one that’s a little roomy so you can wear sweaters and scarves underneath. 

    Peacoats can be dressed up or down. They work well with jeans, chinos, slacks, sweaters, and all sorts of tops

  • Duffle Coat

  • Duffle coats are men’s winter coats that are made from duffle, and they were actually made famous by none other than Paddington Bear! Duffle is a type of heavy wool that originated in Belgium, and these coats are recognizable by the toggle system used for fastening them up. 

    Since these coats are on the casual side, they look best with boots, jeans, and a thick wool scarf. 

  • Overcoat

  • A winter overcoat is specifically designed to be worn over other clothes. It usually has some type of collar and it falls around knee length, often made with wool or tweed. 

    Overcoats were initially created to be worn over suits, but now you can wear them over anything in your closet. 

    Creating Your Best Look

    Winter outfits for men aren’t complete without the perfect coat, and choosing one from this list is never a bad choice. For more advice on men’s fashion, check out Perk’s blog