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How to Wear a Blazer With a T-shirt in 8 Stylish Ways

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the trends, you might have noticed that casual blazers are making a comeback. This is great news for Perk fans, because one of the most popular (and most attractive) ways to wear this style is pairing a blazer with a t-shirt. And, here at Perk, we’re known for our amazing, high-quality t-shirts

This blazer look counts as stylish dress for men because it’s incredibly simple to create an eye-catching outfit with relatively simple pieces. 

Things to Consider

Before we dive into the ways to wear a blazer over a t-shirt, here are some important things to consider when adding a blazer to your look:

  • Wearing a blazer with a t-shirt is a completely acceptable form of fashion. Look around as you walk down the street and you’ll probably see a handful of guys sporting their tees under blazers. 
  • Don’t choose your blazer and t-shirt willy-nilly. If you’re going for a more casual look, go for an unstructured style or an unusual color. If the dress is more formal, make sure your blazer is fitted and in a neutral shade. 
  • How you style your t-shirt is up to you. You can either tuck it in or leave it untucked - it mostly depends on the vibe of the rest of your look. 
  • All types of t-shirts work with a blazer, but plain and striped work the best. Avoid logos and graphics as much as you can - they’re not the look you’re going for. 
  • In most cases, you’ll look your best when you keep your blazer unbuttoned. 
  • Wearing low-key sneakers or canvas shoes is a good idea with a casual blazer and t-shirt. If you’re dressing sharper, choose dress shoes. 

8 Stylish Wears to Wear a Blazer With a T-Shirt

Now, let’s get into the outfits you can create with your blazer and t-shirt. 

  • With Sharp Pants

  • If your goal is to look sleek and formal, we recommend wearing your blazer with smart, sharp pants. This is one of the most stylish types of men’s clothing, and you can class it up even further by going for a full suit with a t-shirt. This type of outfit is great for all types of formal events - it’s not a look for running around and doing errands on a weekend

  • With Dark Jeans or Chinos

  • You can’t go wrong wearing a blazer with jeans, especially if the jeans are in a dark shade. Navy chinos are a great option, too. At Perk, we offer kits that include multiple pairs of chinos for the guy who lives in them every day - check those kits out here

    Choose a tailored fit for your blazer or, if your outfit is on the modern side, go for a relaxed silhouette. 

  • With a Striped Shirt

  • Lots of people choose to pair their blazer with a plain t-shirt. While we like that look, there are more options at your disposal. Striped shirts are known for how well they pair with blazers, just as long as you choose colors that complement one another. 

  • With Casual Jeans

  • If laid-back is what you’re looking for with your stylish men’s clothing, look no further than a black t-shirt with jeans and a relaxed blazer. Pick out your favorite pair of light wash jeans, make sure they’re loose-fitting, and you’ve put together an ultra-trendy look. 

  • Monochrome

  • You can create a monochrome outfit by choosing different shades and textures, creating differentiations on your palette while sticking with neutral options. 

  • With a Button-Up 

  • If you want to wear a t-shirt and a collar at once, wearing a button-up t-shirt or a polo shirt can come in handy. Just make sure all the colors coincide before you go out and show the world your style. 

  • An Oversized Blazer

  • An oversized blazer can really work if you know how to wear it. It’s not easy to jump right into this look, but you can start small by wearing a blazer that’s just slightly oversized or deconstructed and pairing it with a t-shirt. Throw on a pair of casual pants and you’ll be surprised at how effortlessly stylish you look. 

  • An Unusually-Colored Blazer 

  • If you wear a plain t-shirt with your blazer, like the black t-shirt combination, you have the room to spice up what color blazer you put over it. Since the outfit is so casual, you have the freedom to go a little wild with the colors that you choose. 

    Wearing Your Blazer

    Blazers are a key component of stylish dress for men. Think of these tips the next time you go to put yours on and you’ll feel more confident in the way you sport your blazer with a t-shirt. 

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