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Create a Monochromatic Look with Chinos, from Khaki to All-Black and White Outfits

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Of course fit is important when it comes to casual wear for men, but color comes next in terms of priority. While you’re probably used to wearing outfits with more than one color, Perk is here to share how you can shine while wearing a monochromatic outfit.

What is monochromatic attire? 

Monochromatic attire is an outfit focused on one color and one color alone. From head to toe, your look should be centered on it - though it’s possible to find variations of that color to jazz things up a bit. 

Monochrome is a great way to highlight neutral outfits for men, as black, gray, white, and navy blue achieve the monochromatic look better than almost any other shades. 

How to Wear Monochrome

Your monochromatic outfit can make you the best-looking guy in the room, especially if you create some visual interest by mixing up textures and fabrics. 

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Choose a single color from which you’ll create the palette of your outfit.
  • Wear darker shades on parts of your body you’d rather hide, and lighter colors where you want to place emphasis. 
  • Switching up shades of the color you’re working with will prevent you from looking awkward. 
  • Base your monochromatic outfit color on the undertone of your skin to achieve the best results. 

Do monochromatic outfits look good?

Of course they do, if you know how to make them work. And we’re going to tell you how to do that with a few examples. 

monochromatic outfit, minimalist outfit men

Brown Monochrome

If you’re aiming for a brown monochrome look, we’d recommend starting at the bottom with khaki pants - more specifically, khaki chinos or even chinos in smooth oak if you prefer a darker shade. To break up the look a bit, try on a white roll-neck sweater with a beige vest and a dark brown blazer. This is a great autumn look for a formal event. 

If you’re looking for a look that’s on the semi-formal side, you can still choose to wear chinos (since they’re comfortable and classy) but choose a turtleneck and a pair of white sneakers instead of dress shoes and a blazer.


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Gray Monochrome

Gray is a great choice for a minimalist outfit for men, because it allows you to look sophisticated while blending in with the crowd, especially if you choose a dark shade of gray. A slim cut blazer or overcoat layered with a vest or white oxford shirt is the perfect way to bring this look together, and if you want to accessorize your gray chinos with a black tie or sunglasses, you will remain cool and understated. 


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monochromatic outfit, minimalist outfit men


White Monochrome

White monochrome can be a difficult look to pull off, which is why it’s necessary to play around with different shades of white and the way you mix and match them. A cream jacket paired with white chinos and a plain white t-shirt creates a look that’s monochrome, yet visually interesting.


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Black Monochrome

The all black outfit is sleek and chic at the same time, and you will undoubtedly feel super cool while wearing it. It suits almost every occasion; whether you’re going on a first date or meeting with a client, all black flatters every body type, and it’s elegant to boot. 


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monochromatic outfit, minimalist outfit men

Make your look less formal by pairing your black chinos with a turtleneck and passing up the tie. Keep your shirt tucked in, but try leaving your blazer open for a bit of a freer vibe. 

For even less formality, put on a pair of black jeans and tuck a black turtleneck sweater into those. 

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Navy Blue Monochrome

If you choose two navy pieces, keep in mind that they don’t have to match up perfectly. But if you’d like them to, there’s always the option of wearing a suit that employs the same navy shades from your head to your feet. Partnering up navy chinos with t-shirts, polo shirts, or button-downs for the office is never a bad idea, especially when you finish off the look with black dress shoes or brogues. 


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monochromatic outfit, minimalist outfit men


Monochrome Athleisure

The best casual attire for men has to be athleisure. Leave the chinos for brunch and busy weekday afternoons and know that you can still look fashionable in monochrome outfits that involve joggers, hoodies, and sneakers. 

Best Shoes for Monochromatic Outfits

When it comes to shoes that pair best with a monochrome outfit, you can’t go wrong with brown and black Chelsea boots - especially in the winter. Paired with overcoats and scarves of matching colors, you’re going to look great. But, during summer, switch out those boots for white sneakers. 

Going Monochrome

Here at Perk, we enjoy testing out all types of different looks, including the monochromatic outfit. If you’re ready to get started with these looks, check out our website to find your best base pieces.