chinos and chukka boots, chukka boots with chinos

How to Wear Chinos with Boots, from Casual Chukka Boots to Dressier Chelsea Boots

Chinos are the pants that work with almost any look and any accessory, but what exactly do we mean when we say ‘any’? Here’s the question that many of our readers are asking: 

Do chukka boots go with chinos? 

Luckily, the answer is yes. Chinos and chukka boots are the perfect combination for all sorts of situations, including casual and business casual. To highlight your chukkas, there are lots of ways to wear your chinos, too, including cuffed, pin-rolled, or stacked. 

Want to make sure you’re styling your chinos and chukkas the right way? Keep reading. 

What’s the Occasion? 

While chinos with chukka boots work for a lot of occasions, there are some situations where this look isn’t appropriate. But if it’s an event where sneakers would look too casual and Cheslsea boots would look too dressy, you’re right on the money. Chinos and chukkas are perfect. 

chinos and chukka boots, chukka boots with chinos


Are chukka boots casual or formal?

These boots fall right in the middle of casual and formal. Think of occasions like garden parties, dinner outings (not fine dining), and first dates as the perfect time to wear them. 

You can pull off chinos with chukka boots for higher level business casual settings if the boots are made of darker material. As for the chinos, make sure they’re on the dressier side if you're aiming for a business casual getup. 


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Lean Towards Tapered Chinos

To pull off your outfit with chinos and chukka boots, you’ll want to err on the side of tapered chinos instead of skinny or flared. The leg should be narrow in order to show off your boots - slim fit usually does the trick, because it hugs your leg without being restrictive. All the while showcasing your great shoes! 

Choose Neutrals

By choosing a neutral pair of chinos, you won’t just be able to match your pants with your t-shirts more successfully, you’ll also be able to match your chinos to your boots. Neutral colors blend in without catching too much attention, and people will concentrate on the great fit and your top-tier style without their eyes being accosted by bright shades. 


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A few great neutral-colored chinos to try include those in black, navy blue, olive, beige, and khaki. These shades can be paired with almost any color of chukka, and that will make getting dressed an absolute breeze. 

Also, try pairing light and dark for an ultimate contrasted look. If you’ve got a pair of dark chinos, utilize your light chukkas. And with light-colored chukkas, choose dark chinos. 

chinos and chukka boots, chukka boots with chinos

Try Out the Cuff

For an elevated style that will have all your friends asking for tips, try rolling up the bottom edges of your chinos pants. This is called ‘cuffing.’ It does wonders in directing attention to your boots, and it’s also a great technique to shorten chinos that are too long. 

If you need to double roll them, that’s okay too. Just make sure the cuff isn’t any bigger than two inches. 

Test Out the Stacking Method 

If you’d rather not cuff your chinos, try stacking them. If your pants are too long to wear chukka boots effectively, let the fabric bunch up naturally around the top of the boot - this is ‘stacking.’ 

If your chinos fit loosely, this probably won’t work. The slim fit style works well because they actually bunch up around the boots to create a relaxed and laid-back aesthetic. So, if you’re not looking for a casual vibe, stick to cuffing. 

When Do I Wear My Chelsea Boots?

Breaking out your Chelsea boots probably isn’t a good idea when you’re wearing your chinos with a simple t-shirt. While that look is great for certain settings, it’s not dressy enough for occasions that warrant the Chelsea boot. 


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If there’s an event where you’d wear a brogue dress shoe or a derby shoe, that event is probably well-suited for Chelsea boots and chinos, since Chelsea boots are known for being a bit dressier than chukkas. 

chinos and chukka boots, chukka boots with chinos

When to Wear Suede Chukkas

The most common material that you’ll find chukka boots made of is probably suede, and it’s popular for a reason - it looks great on this style of boot. If you’re looking for a chance to break out your suede boots, feel free to do so during events where you want to look smart, but you don’t necessarily have to dress up. 

You’ll often find suede chukka boots in a sandy shade, which goes great with dark-colored, slim-fit chinos for the ultimate business casual or smart casual look. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Chinos and Chukkas

Chukka boots with chino pants is a look that isn’t going out of style anywhere in the near future. Make the most out of this fashionable getup by following the tips in this article.

And, as always, you can find more menswear tips on Perk’s blog