Exclusive Preview: Popular Men's Fashion Selections to Seize During Labor Day Sales at PERK

Exclusive Preview: Popular Men's Fashion Selections to Seize During Labor Day Sales at PERK

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This year, Perk is doing a game-changing Labor Day Sale to help you revolutionize your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Running from August 24th to September 6th, we’re doing 20% off all purchases sitewide, and we’re throwing a free T-shirt in with orders over $250. Use discount code “20LABOR” and you can take advantage of these exclusive Labor Day deals.

What can you get with our Labor Day sale? Only the best in men’s casual fashion. Let’s break Perk’s best options down. 

Perk Chinos

First, we’ve got our super popular, super comfortable Feel Good Chinos. These items are the highest of their class, each being made with the best, comfiest materials that look great, stay comfortable, and hold color. You can get as many pairs as you want with the 20% sitewide discount, so feel free to stock up.

You’re getting the best casual chinos on the market with Perk chinos. They’re made with stretchy, comfortable material that looks better every wash and fits perfectly, no matter your body type. They are designed to look good with athleisure, casual, or professional outfits, meaning you have complete control over their incredible versatility.

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That’s not even mentioning all the colors our Feel Good Chinos come in. You can build countless outfits with our chinos, such as:

  • Wear a black chino with a plain white T-shirt for a timeless, casual look, then round it out with a pair of sneakers.
  • A river blue or navy blue chino with a dress shirt can make a great business casual outfit.
  • If you prefer a more professional look or a cleaner casual one, we’ve got you covered with our grey and light khaki options. They go great with button-ups and sports coats.

You can do almost anything with good chinos, and Perk’s are the best. 

Perk’s chinos are the best on the market, so don’t miss out! Our Labor Day sale is a huge one because we want to give you the best opportunity to get the best clothing pieces to amp your casual wardrobe to the next level.


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Perk Shorts

Perk’s Feel Good Shorts are some of the best casual shorts on the market. Our Feel Good Shorts come with the same quality assurances and comfort guarantees as our chinos while perfectly fitting to fall above the knee and give plenty of room in the crotch and thighs. 

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Our shorts pair perfectly with a good T-shirt or patterned button-up and some sneakers or loafers. You can’t go wrong with Perk’s shorts, so if you still need more warm-weather clothing options—or you’re from a region where the warm weather never really ends—Perk shorts are perfect for your casual fashion needs. Get yourself some now!


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Perk T-Shirts

Moving on from bottoms, we also happen to have the highest quality T-shirts; we specialize in high-quality men’s casual fashion, and what is more iconic than the plain T-shirt? Our Feel Good Tees are unrivaled, so don’t miss out on these fantastic shirts during our Labor Day sale.

Our Feel Good Tees are designed to fit great, look better after every wash, and keep their solid colors so your outfits are never compromised. They fit true to size and work for any body type so you can feel comfortable and confident, no matter what your build is. We’ve got a variety of colors—all solid and vibrant. Level up your T-shirt game with our Feel Good Tees.

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For style ideas, you can:

  • Pair a T-shirt with shorts for a classic warm-weather casual outfit.
  • Wear some well-fitting chinos with a Feel Good Tee and some sneakers for a nightlife or work casual outfit.
  • Wear your favorite athleisure bottoms and tennis shoes for a great athletic, casual outfit.

The Feel Good Tee is the best casual T-shirt for men, and it goes great with our Feel Good Chinos and Shorts. You’ll feel cool, confident, and comfortable in your Perk outfits, and your casual fashion game will be unparalleled.


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Labor Day Offers on Bundles

Beyond our amazing sitewide sale and bonus T-shirt Labor Day offers, we’ve got special bundles running to help you dip your toes into Perk clothes—or to help you add to your collection! These bundles are all built to work with one another and help fill specific niches that your wardrobe may be missing, so don’t miss out! They work with our Labor Day sale, too, so you can rack up the savings.

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If you want more information on our Labor Day Sale or fashion tips for men, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!