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Wednesday Refresh: Stylish Casual Looks to Beat Midweek Blues

Wondering what the best casual clothes for men are? Crafting a stylish, midweek look doesn’t have to get complicated. Read this helpful blog for some amazing tips for casual dress and to have all your men’s fashion FAQs answered. 

Tips For Casual Dress For Men

When it comes to casual attire for men, there’s a lot of varied information out there. This means it can be tough to know what to wear. Luckily, we’re here to help you sort through the noise! Here are some tips for crafting a casual look to combat that midweek hump.

1. Try the French tuck.

The French tuck is an excellent way to add some flair to your casual look and has been popularized in recent years thanks to celebrities like Tan France and Oprah. To French tuck your shirt, simply tuck in the front of it, but leave the back untucked. You should aim to only have the front, central area of your shirt tucked. You can also try the half tuck and side tuck!

2. Cuff your trousers.

Cuffing your pants can add an extra layer of flair to your pair of trousers. There are many different methods of rolling or cuffing your pants depending on your preferences. However, whichever you prefer, aim to roll your pants no more than two to three inches.

3. Try chinos instead of jeans.

Get out of that hump day outfit rump by changing up your typical choice of pants. For many workplaces, jeans can be too casual of a look, and suit or dress pants too formal. Chinos are the perfect blend of casual and are flattering on everyone! They were designed originally for military use but gained popularity outside it thanks to their slim fit and many colors.

casual clothes for men, Stylish casual clothing, Casual Dress For Men

4. Wear a crew neck t-shirt.

A crew neck t-shirt can be another excellent choice for a casual look. A crew neck differs from a regular t-shirt in that it has a rounded collar. This subtle difference helps add some extra structure to an otherwise casual look, helping to achieve that perfect balance.


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5. Don’t neglect your accessories.

Choosing a casual look doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still accessorize! Compliment your new style with a pair of sunglasses or with a watch, which is a classic men’s accessory. You can also wear a hat depending on the situation (such as a trucker or ball cap) or even a pair of patterned socks.

6. Match your jewelry metals for a classic look.

Matching your jewelry metals, such as your watch and rings, can help subtly make your look feel much more cohesive. It’s an age-old rule, and one worth following, especially for mature men. In particular, aim to never mix silver and gold.

7. Pick shorts that fit well.

Another simple and easy tip for getting a great casual summer look is to select a pair of shorts that fit you well. Don’t wear gym or bike shorts, and leave the denim cut-offs at home. Instead, pull your look together with a pair of slim-fitting shorts.

casual clothes for men, Stylish casual clothing, Casual Dress For Men

8. Choose high-quality shoes.

Just because they’re on your feet doesn’t mean that you should neglect your shoes. In fact, your footwear is just as important as the rest of your outfit! This means selecting the right shoes is crucial to ensuring a coherent and complete look

So what kind of shoes should you pick? There are many choices out there depending on your preferences! Some good options for casual, yet trendy shoes are:

  • High or low-tops
  • Leather sandals
  • Low-top boots
  • Loafers
  • Brogues
  • Oxfords

9. Figure out what colors look best on you.

Not all colors look amazing on everyone. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to figure out what colors look best on you. Learning some basic color principles or using an online tool or survey can help you figure out which individual colors will compliment your skin and eye colors the best. It’s a subtle, yet critical part of achieving an effortless, casual look any day of the week.

Casual Outfits For Men FAQs

Now that you’ve read some tips for pulling together a great look and gotten inspired, let’s answer some of the most common questions about casual men’s fashion:

How can I make my casual outfit look more put together?

Making your outfit look more pulled together is actually more simple than you might think. There are several tricks you can follow, including:

  • Match your shoes and clothing
  • Choose a specific style, like classic or trendy
  • Add a structured jacket or blazer

Can I wear graphic tees for a casual look?

You may have heard that grown men shouldn’t wear graphic tees. In truth, it’s a bit more complicated and it mainly depends on how and where you’re wearing your graphic tee. In general, try to remember that a graphic tee is a very casual look, so if you do wear it, you should try to dress up the rest of your look a bit. 

Another great option that is currently popular on TikTok is pairing graphic tees with dress pants for a stylish, but casual appearance. And whatever you do, skip the jeans, especially if you’re heading into the office.

What's the best way to choose colors for casual outfits?

The best way to choose colors for your casual looks is to pick colors that are flattering on you and that complement each other. Some colors that typically pair well together are:

  • Green and khaki
  • Navy and white
  • Violet and charcoal gray
  • Black and white
  • Yellow and blue
casual clothes for men, Stylish casual clothing, Casual Dress For Men

Are there any layering options for casual dressing?

If it’s a colder day or you simply are more comfortable layering, you might be wondering if you can get away with that and still pull off a casual look. The good news is creating a casual layered outfit is easy. You can even wear a cardigan or flannel over a Henley or crew neck shirt.

Can I wear sneakers with casual outfits?

Sneakers are a practical and versatile footwear choice. For an effortless and casual look, try selecting a pair of low-top sneakers with a pair of dark jeans. However, whenever you wear sneakers, aim to dress up the rest of your outfit a bit to compensate for it, such as with a structured t-shirt or even a crewneck sweater. Be sure also to ensure your sneakers are clean and that the rest of your outfit fits well and isn’t too baggy.

How can I accessorize my casual outfit?

Accessorizing your casual outfit helps ensure that your casual outfit isn’t too casual. After all, you still want to communicate that you’ve put thought and care into your look. Choosing subtle jewelry, a jacket or sweater to layer, a hat, or a stylish pair of sunglasses are always great ways to easily accessories.

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