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How Do Chinos Stack Up Against Jeans?

Men’s two favorite trousers are most definitely jeans and chinos. When you think about it, no other pants do it quite like them. But when it comes down to it, which is better - men’s chinos or denim jeans? 

We’re not saying you have to make a choice and stick to that option for the rest of your life. But we thought it might be interesting to stack the two against each other and see the difference between chinos and jeans. 

There’s a time and place for both types of pants. Let’s get into what situations work best for chinos pants style and what ones work best for jeans style. 

Chinos: A Closer Look 

Chinos are men’s trousers made of cotton and they’re known for their smart look. They’re soft to the touch and most often come in a solid color like ink blue chinos

Chinos fall right in the middle of the dressy/casual spectrum. If you’re looking for business casual, chinos are probably your safest bet - because they’re professional, but not stuffy. 


Regarding shirts, you can wear almost anything with chino pants for men and rest assured that it will look nice. Try out a crisp t-shirt, a polo shirt, a casual shirt, or even a dress shirt, and your men’s chinos will make the whole look come to life. 

So, what’s best to put on your feet? The trick is to stop overthinking it. A classic pair of sneakers or casual shoes look great with chinos, but if you’re looking to dress up your outfit, you may choose brogues or even derby shoes. 

You’ll most often find chino pants for men in a regular or slim fit and, when you wear them, you’ll find they fit true to size. 

Jeans: A Closer Look

Jeans are denim - which is a fabric made of cotton that is known for its durability and sturdiness. If you’re looking for something heavier than men’s chinos, jeans are your best bet. 

Jeans come in so many styles that it’s almost unfathomable. There are also many occasions in which you can wear jeans, and the wide variety of styles only helps. If you wear dark, well-fitted denim, you’ll be suited for a higher-class occasion. But if you’re wearing lighter, ripped denim, you’ll be all set for a casual get-together. 


There are also many different fits of jeans. There’s skinny, slim, relaxed, and loose - and all you have to do is choose something that makes you look and feel good. 

Chinos vs Jeans

There’s not just one difference between chinos and jeans. As you might imagine, there are quite a few. Let’s take a look at a few categories:

  • Colors:
        • Chinos have a wider array of colors than jeans do. From black to white to pastel, there’s no doubt that you’ll find chinos in the exact shade you’re looking for. 
        • Jeans have color choices, but they tend to be more limited. Of course, you’ll most often find blue. Sometimes, you’ll be able to find black and white, but there’s definitely not as wide of a range. 
  • Classy Outfits:
        • If you want smart-looking pants, chinos are the undeniable pick. While they’re still considered casual, they are dressier than jeans. 
        • Of course, that doesn’t mean that jeans can’t look classy. They’re just not typically the first choice for a sharp outfit. 
  • Casual Outfits:
        • Chinos can work for a casual outfit depending on what you wear on top, but they don’t tend to be most men’s first choice. 
        • Jeans, on the other hand, are the go-to for casual looks. They pair with more tops and accessories and fit the role of cool and casual. 
  • Edgy Outfits:
        • If you’re trying to look cool and on the edge, men’s chinos might not be your best bet. They’re a little too professional to pull off a look like that. 
        • Jeans are the best choice to look edgy. Throw on a jacket and a cool pair of sneakers and you’ve got the edgy look down. 
  • Versatility
        • While chinos are great, we can’t lie. Jeans tend to be more versatile because they can be dressed up and dressed way, way down. They can be worn for all types of occasions and during all seasons. 
  • Comfort
      • If you’re looking for comfort, chino pants for men should be your top choice. Denim is rigid, but the cotton that chinos are made of is not. 

    The Final Answer

    The final answer to this question is… that there is no final answer! We could never choose between men’s chinos and denim jeans because both are so essential to a man’s modern wardrobe. The trouser you choose to wear depends on your personal preferences and sense of style. 


    Stocking your wardrobe with both types of pants will help you become the king of versatility. We can’t wait to see how you rock these styles.