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How to Style a Red T-Shirt: Outfit Ideas for Women and Men

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At Perk, we’re all about fashion basics. We believe that having a strong foundation in your wardrobe can take you far - and you’ll be able to create a number of great looks with a few quality staples. 

One of our most favored staples is the solid color t-shirt. It comes with a lot of potential, but not everyone knows how to style it. In this article, we’ll talk specifically about the red t-shirt, seeing as we’re headed quickly into fall. Red t-shirt outfits don’t necessarily come easily, as you can’t just throw this shirt on with any color of pants and call it good. The key is knowing how to style your red t-shirt outfit without clashing with what else you’ve got on. 

Here, we’ll give you some red t-shirt outfit ideas for guys, as we usually do, but we’re also going to throw in a couple worthwhile ideas for the ladies. After all, guys aren’t the only ones who struggle with fashion sometimes. Everyone wants to look their best, no matter their gender, so Perk wanted to offer a little something for everyone. 

Considering the Shades

There are many shades of red to consider when thinking of a red t-shirt outfit, and the exact color of your red t-shirt will set the tone for the rest of your look. For the sake of consistency, we’ll be referencing the dark red shade of ‘Red Red Wine’ that we offer in our Feel Good Tee. This color tends to pair well with neutral tones - but it looks great with bright colors, too.

Dark red also goes well with black (what doesn’t?), gray, white, beige, cream, earth tones, and olive. You can choose the color depending on the vibe you want to put across for your men’s outfit ideas. 

Styling a Red T-Shirt: Men

There are tons of ways to style your red t-shirt outfit for men. Whether you’re looking to fit the mood of sharp and smart or pay homage to the 90s, your red shirt can act as your greatest asset through trends, styles, and seasons. Especially if you invest in one of Perk’s tees that are made with top-tier pima cotton, as they won’t pill, fade, or stretch. 


One of the best red t-shirt outfit ideas is wearing your shirt with a pair of smart chinos, like those we offer at Perk. Pairing your red shirt with black chinos creates a nice business casual look, especially when you finish it off with black lace-up shoes and a casual blazer. If you want something a bit more daring, keep your red shirt untucked and pair it with beige chinos, topping it off with Converse shoes and an oversized vintage shirt. 


If you’re not looking to achieve the business casual look, we come with casual red outfit ideas, too. For a more laid-back vibe, pair your red shirt with a pair of dark, loose jeans, sneakers, and a beanie. You could also throw on a zip-up hoodie for an even more casual look. 

Styling a Red T-Shirt: Women

These tees are far from being solely men’s fashion. In this section, you’ll find ideas on red t-shirt outfits for women - they don’t differ too greatly from men’s ideas, but if you’re a feminine dresser, you might want to take a look at how to style your red t-shirt for women. 

A few outfit ideas for women include pairing your red shirt with purple high-waisted pants and an oversized, magenta blazer - this is a look that will definitely make a statement. If you’re looking for something a bit more understated, you might choose to knot your red shirt in the front and pair it with vintage beige tweed pants. 

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are back, and pairing your red shirt with a washed out pair of these and sneakers is a look that is totally 90s and totally in style. You can wear the t-shirt in an oversized fashion with Converse sneakers, or fitted and tucked in with a cool, vintage belt. If you throw on a beige knit cardigan and a pair of bold sneakers, your outfit will be classy and eye-catching at the same time. 

Carrot Jeans

Pairing your red shirt with white carrot jeans gives the outfit an urban, classy look. If you tuck the shirt in and pair it with a belt and oxford shoes, you create a minimalist aesthetic that’s sophisticated and crisp. You could add a tweed blazer overtop for some visual interest, or go without it on a warm day. 

Knowing How to Wear Red

As the holidays approach, it’s important to know how to wear red without looking overly festive. Take these red t-shirt outfits into consideration and see what looks you can make from what’s inside your closet.