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Wine Tasting Attire: What to Wear While Going with Friends

There’s a time and a place for a pair of worn-in sweatpants and your favorite flip-flops, but wearing your best ‘lazy day’ outfit when you go wine tasting in California isn’t a good idea. That’s not to say that you must be dressed to the nines - your wine tasting outfits can be comfortable - but you’ve got to look put together. 

Wine tour outfits don’t have to be formal. In fact, casual winery outfits can be just as snazzy as something upscale if you know what clothing to choose. At Perk, we never want you to feel uncomfortable; that’s why we’re so focused on creating great looks for every guy. When you go wine tasting, we want you to feel cool, look cool, and be cool. 

If you’re ready to relax with your buddies and sample some great wine, you’ve come to the right place. 

Your Aesthetic

A huge part of visiting a winery is the general aesthetic. No matter where the winery is located, they all share a common thread when it comes to vibes. Think class, formality, and casual elegance. Start from there, and you’ll be on the right track to crafting great wine tasting attire. 

To fit in, you don’t want to be too casual or too formal. Finding the happy medium is key for your wine tour outfits. 

Specific Clothes

When you’re looking through your wardrobe, here are some pieces you should keep an eye out for regarding your wine tasting attire:

  • Shirts

  • In most cases, a simple button-down shirt will be great for wine tasting. This type of shirt is classy without being overly formal. Depending on the aesthetic of the winery, though, a t-shirt could work just as well. Especially if the t-shirt is high quality, like the ones we offer at Perk, and fits your body well. 

    If the winery is on the casual side, go ahead and pair a well-fitted t-shirt with a nice pair of dark jeans for a casual winery outfit. You’ll look stylish and feel comfortable enough to sip the day away. 

    Make sure to avoid graphic tees and shirts with loud prints. While they have their place, they typically don’t blend well at a winery. 

  • Pants and Shorts

  • Guys have a lot of options regarding pants and wine tasting attire. High-quality denim is a solid choice if you plan on walking around outdoors for a good portion of the day, but dress pants like slacks and khakis work well too. The best choice of all, though, are chinos - and you can wear them in khaki if you’re especially partial to that color. 

    Chinos are the perfect balance between casual and formal because they look sharp, yet they feel comfortable. At Perk, our Feel Good chinos sell so well because they can be worn with so many different looks, and they mold perfectly to your body. 

    If it’s warm, shorts are an option too. Chino shorts work just as well as long pants, so don’t overlook them. As long as your pants or shorts fit your body well, you’re in for a great wine tasting outfit. 

  • Shoes and Accessories

  • Closed-toe shoes typically work best for wine tasting events, but there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on shoes. Think casual and classy, not something you might wear to a wedding. 

    Slip-on shoes might work depending on the overall aesthetic of the winery, but leather walking shoes are your best bet. Since you’ll be standing for quite a while during the wine tours, you’ll want to wear a pair of shoes that won’t make your feet ache. 

    As for accessories, pick items that go with a variety of tops. What you can always count on with your wine tasting outfits is a metallic or leather band watch - that way, you look masculine and stylish and can tell time all at once. You might also choose to don a hat, especially if the winery offers outdoor tours of the vineyard. Baseball caps might not be the best idea, so go for a fedora or a full-brimmed hat instead. And don’t forget your shades! 

    A Few Last-Minute Tips

    Take these quick tips into consideration before you go wine tasting with the guys:

  • Dress in layers.

    If you’re going to a winery in the spring or fall, you can’t go wrong with layers. You can shed as much as you need to, or add more for warmth. 

  • Don’t wear white.

    Wine will never come out of white fabric. Take our advice and skip the white shirt.

  • Ditch the heavy cologne. 

    Wearing an overbearing scent will interfere with you and your friends’ wine tasting experience. 


    Looking Good at the Winery

    By following this guide to choosing your wine tasting attire, you’ll undoubtedly be the best-dressed one in attendance. For more advice on menswear and fashion, visit Perk’s blog