How to Style Chinos for a Weekend Getaway or Vacation, Including Versatile Packing Tips

How to Style Chinos for a Weekend Getaway or Vacation, Including Versatile Packing Tips

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At Perk, we’re big supporters of taking time to recenter, rejuvenate, and rest, and that’s what long weekend vacations are for. 

We’ll get into the ins and outs of the best packing tips, including what to pack for a long weekend trip and outfit components that you can’t live without while on vacation. 

Packing for a Long Weekend Trip

What should you wear for a short trip?

When you pack for a short trip, you only want what you know you’re going to wear. After all, overpacking for a long weekend trip is no fun when you have to carry the bag. 

For a weekend trip, you’ll want versatile items that can be worn more than once. 

Before you start packing, there are a few things to consider. 

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How should you dress for a weekend getaway?

It’s tempting to open your suitcase, throw a few things in, and hit the road. Before you do that, though, make sure to get your vacation in order so you know how to wear clothes that will keep you comfortable. How you dress depends on factors like these:

  • The Weather
  • The weather should let you know what clothes you’re packing. If you know it’s going to be cool and rainy, a rain jacket and waterproof boots are a must. If it’s going to be hot and sunny, opt for chinos and light linen. 


  • The Location
  • When you’re packing for a trip, think of the location where you’ll be spending the most time. The pool? The shops? A museum? This information will play into the wardrobe you bring along. 


  • Special Occasions
  • Are there any fancy or stylish events you’re going to be attending while you’re on vacation? If so, make sure to pack appropriately so you won’t be underdressed for the occasion. 

    Packing For Your Trip

    What most people want to do on a long weekend trip is relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To help you relax, only pack clothes that can be worn right out of your bag - not articles that need ironing or steaming. 

    Chinos and a shirt is always a great combination and one that you really can’t go wrong with. The chino pants style is suited for all types of occasions, whether they’re casual or more formal, so you won’t stick out for any reason other than the fact that you look amazing. 



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    It’s also wise to pack things that can be paired together in multiple ways. How to make this happen is by choosing neutral-colored chinos and shirts - that way, you can make all sorts of outfits without hauling around an overstuffed bag. 

    Now that we’ve gone over those packing tips, take a look at Perk’s packing list for your weekend vacation: 

    • One pair of light-colored chinos
    • One pair of dark-colored chinos
    • 1-2 easy-to-care-for shirts
    • 1 polo shirt
    • 1 puffer vest
    • 1 sweater
    • 1 pair of swim trunks (if you’re going to swim)
    • 1 pair of track pants
    • 1 weekender jacket
    • 1 pair of casual shorts (if the weather is warm)
    • 3 pairs of socks
    • 3 pairs of underwear 

    Remember that you can always add or take away items that you need/don’t need on this list. It isn’t a firm rulebook, it’s simply a packing guide. 

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    Utilizing Layers

    If the weather for your destination is unpredictable, layers will be your best friend. If you utilize layers on your weekend getaway, you’ll never be too warm or too cold, and your bag will have plenty of room for extras - or souvenirs, if you bring them home. 

    What’s useful about layers is the fact that you can wear so many of them at once, so your body doubles as a suitcase for carrying your clothes from home to the hotel. 


    Travel Clothes

    Speaking of getting your clothes from home to the hotel, it’s smart to consider what you’ll wear while you’re traveling. Just like the packing tips, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before you throw on your clothes the morning you leave:


  • How long will you be traveling for?
  • A one-hour trip is a lot different than a five-hour one. Both require comfort elements, but coziness is a lot more crucial if you’ll be in transit for an extended period of time. 


  • What method of transportation are you using?
  • What you wear while you’re driving matters less than what you put on while flying, since it’s not likely that anyone besides the people you’re traveling with will see you. Plane clothes should be comfortable, but also give off a business casual vibe



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    Making the Best of Your Trip

    These packing tips for travel are what you can use to make your next trip one for the books. For more inspiration on how to look great on your next getaway, take a peek at Perk’s blog