outfits for outdoor activities

Chino and T-Shirt Outfits for Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Camping, and More

If you’re planning a hiking trip, hiking outfits for men are some of the most important things in your backpack.

As you get ready to go, your mind may start whirring with all the outfits you need to pack - and, we admit, there are a lot of options. 

But we’re here to offer the hiking outfits for men that you need, and ones that you’ll actually wear while you’re on a trip, from tee shirts to pants and beyond. 



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Remember to Layer

When you’re compiling an outfit for hiking for men, the most important aspect is layering. Layering makes for a versatile wardrobe and one that’s flexible, too, because if it gets too warm, you can take layers off and if it gets too cold, you can put layers back on. When you’re hiking, every item should have the ability to go on over or under something else. 

Wearing layers will also help you pack light and guarantee that you have the right clothes, no matter the conditions of the trail. 

Hiking Shirts

When you’re picking out a shirt, wicking is the most important detail. When you have on a quick drying, wicking t-shirt, you’ll stay comfortable no matter the weather. 

outfits for outdoor activities


What to wear when it’s hot outside for men?

Wicking t-shirts are some of the best hiking clothes for men in the summer. They keep moisture off of your body, even when you sweat. 

Choosing wool or synthetic blends for this base layer is wise, since cotton will absorb moisture and hold onto it - that’s something you definitely don’t want. 

In the summer, your base layer is probably the only layer you’ll need. When it’s cool outside, choose a long-sleeved option for your base layer and go from there. 



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The Casual Hiker

If you’re a casual hiker who’s concentrating on hanging out with your buddies rather than conquering an arduous trail, we’ve got clothing options for you too. Outfits for outdoor activities don’t have to be hardcore and utilitarian - there are ways to make chinos work on the trail as well. 

Chinos are great because they’re breathable and allow a full range of motion. They might not be the first pants that come to mind when you think ‘hiking pants for men,’ but they’re more useful than you might think. If it’s warm outside, though, we recommend avoiding black chinos (though they are extremely classy) and choosing lighter colors. 

If you’re sticking to the low-impact trail and you won’t be working up a sweat, it’s probably safe to wear cotton. After all, it is quite breathable, and pima cotton is known for how soft and wearable it is. 

outfits for outdoor activities


How should men dress for a casual outing?

While dress shoes should never go on the hiking trail, there’s nothing wrong with a pair of sneakers, chinos, and a comfortable tee shirt for a casual outing on the hiking path. Not everyone has to be a trail master! 



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An Essential Jacket

Whether you’re a casual hiker or someone more intense, a jacket is something you should always bring - especially in places with unpredictable weather. If you’re hiking in a high altitude area, expect gusty winds and pack your windbreaker for extra protection. If there’s a chance of rain, you don’t want to be caught without your rain jacket. Being soaked on a hike isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. 

If you’ll be trekking through the mountains or in a frigid area, you’ll want a coat that’s insulated with down. Not only is it easily packable, it’s the lightest available option that will keep you as warm as it does. Even better, down jackets are typically designed with a shell material on the outside that will keep you protected from wind and rain. 

Hiking Shorts and Pants 

Hiking shorts are a lifesaver in warm weather. As long as they’re made of wicking material that’s flexible and breathable, you’ll have a complete range of motion and you’ll be able to climb, run, jump, and explore to your heart’s content. 

As for pants on an intense hike (for casual hikers, remember - chinos will work), we can’t think of anything better than convertible pants. When the weather is cool, you can keep on each section, but when it gets warmer, all you have to do is unzip one to get better airflow to your legs. 

Pro tip: tucking your pants into your socks will prevent ticks from climbing on you! 

outfits for outdoor activities


Dressing for a Hike

Knowing how to dress for a hike depends on understanding what kind of hiker you are. Are you heading out for a casual stroll, or are you game for an all-terrain adventure? No matter your hiking style, Perk has you covered when it comes to fashion advice. For more about outdoor wear, be sure to head on over to our blog.