men's music festival outfits

The Perfect Chino and T-Shirt Outfit for a Music Festival

You’ve decided to go to a music festival, and you’ve picked the acts you want to see. Now, what you’ve got to concentrate on is your outfit. 

Knowing what to wear can be a conundrum for guys, especially because so much focus is put on fashion at musical festivals. We don’t want you to stress before the big event, though, which is why we put together this fashion guide for musical festival attire. 


Men’s Music Festival Outfits

There are huge music festivals all over the United States, from California to Chicago and plenty in between. The music scene stretches far and wide, which means you have plenty of opportunities to show off your music festival outfits. 


What do men wear to music festivals?

The answer is simpler than you think. Keeping your outfits straightforward and classy is enough to stay comfortable and look nice while you’re enjoying the tunes. 

What constitutes music festival style is what feels good to you, and what feels right. You can throw on what you normally wear, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 


Basic Festival Clothing Tips

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when compiling your music festival attire:

  • Wear lightweight things that keep you comfortable in the heat. 
  • Choose quick-drying material in the case of sweat and surprise rain. 
  • Always choose patterns/blues/browns over white (they show less dirt).
  • Pick out comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in. 

A Classic Festival T-Shirt

If there’s one thing to concentrate on with your outfit for a music festival, it’s a lightweight t-shirt. We’re partial to the pima cotton tee that we offer at Perk because it will keep you dry and comfortable even when you’re standing in the hot sun. If you don’t opt for moisture-wicking materials, you’ll be damp and chilly by the time the sun goes down - and, we promise, that won’t be pleasant. 


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Your music festival outfit should consist of a tee that you don’t mind getting a little dirty or, at least, one that washes up well. It’s likely that you’ll be covered in dust once the night is over, so don’t wear anything high-end (like silk), because it will get ruined. 

Solid color tees are the way to go for both style and comfort at music festivals. 

men's music festival outfits

 Awesome Festival Chinos

When it comes to your music festival outfits for guys, your pants should take the same path as your shirt - they should not hold onto moisture, either. Instead of jeans, which can get stuffy, go with a pair of brown, gray, navy, or black chinos - anything but white. 

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It’s also not a good idea to go super-skinny with your chinos, as that will increase the chances for sweating and chafing. Instead, go for the slim fit and give your legs some breathing room. 

men's music festival outfits

 Smart Festival Shoes

When you pick out your shoes for the music festival, think of one factor first: comfort. You’re going to be standing and walking around for hours on end, so you’ll need footwear that offers support. If you don’t have that, you’ll be feeling the pain by the time the night is over. 

Sneakers are the perfect choice for a festival because they come in countless styles, colors, and looks, and they keep your feet comfortable. Boots are a good choice, too, but make sure you’ve broken them in long before you use them to amp up your outfit for a music festival. 


men's music festival outfits

 Think of the Music Festival Venue

Get familiar with the venue before you choose what to wear, because it actually plays a bigger part in your wardrobe than you might think. If the concert is outdoors, bring a lightweight layer (like a denim jacket or a hoodie) that will warm you up after the sun goes down. If where you’re at gets really cold at night instead of just breezy, pack a field jacket and a beanie. 


What is the Coachella dress code?

When you’re at Coachella, you’ll see guys in shirts and pants (like chinos or joggers), along with Hawaiian shirts, NBA jerseys, t-shirts, and tank tops. There are lots of ways to fit in (or stand out) at this festival. 


Don’t Forget the Weather

Most music festivals are set in the summer, which is why it’s important to come prepared with suitable hot weather clothing. It’s also common for festivals to be set in wide open landscapes that can turn muddy when it rains, so bring your hat and a waterproof poncho for extra safety. 


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men's music festival outfits

Music Festival Outfits for Guys

There are all sorts of ways to look stylish and feel comfortable while you’re dancing the day and night away at a music festival and, as always, Perk is here to offer the advice you need. For lots more of it, make sure to check out our blog