How to Style Your Favorite Perk Clothing Pieces for a Night Out

How to Style Your Favorite Perk Clothing Pieces for a Night Out

Lots of guys spend their nights out differently, but each and every one of them needs to have a handle on men’s night out fashion. No matter where you go, you’ll want to look good (and feel good) while you’re there. 

If you’ve been parsing through your closet and can’t find anything suitable for a men’s going out outfit, Perk is here to save the day. 

What to wear on a night out for men in 2023?

As a guy out on the town, you want your men’s night out outfit to make you look attractive and approachable. After all, you never know what might happen, and looking good will help your night be the best it can be. 

Outfits for a Man’s Night Out

Here, we’ll list a few popular hangouts and what you should sport if you plan on heading there. 

Upscale Club

A patterned dress shirt, black chinos, a blazer, and dress shoes is the perfect choice for an upscale club because this look is refined, polished, and urban - all the while not looking like you’re headed to work. Give your dress shoes an extra shine and make sure your blazer is relaxed instead of super tailored to give off a casual, yet classy, vibe for your outfit for a men’s night out. 



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Dive Bar

At a dive bar, opt for khaki chinos instead of black, and choose a casual button-down shirt with boat shoes and a minimalist watch. The people around you at a dive bar will be chill and down to earth, which means that you should dress the right way to look the part, too. This setting is laid back and not wild, but still adventurous on a certain level. Let your night out men’s bar outfit reflect that. 

What you wear here is more dressed up than jeans and a t-shirt (although there’s nothing wrong with that look in the right setting), but still minimal. 


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Hipster Bar

Hipsters are all about standing apart from the crowd, so you can’t really make a mistake with your men’s night out outfit here unless you are on the side of being way too boring. Try out a printed button-down shirt, brightly-colored chinos, Converse high tops shoes, hipster socks, and, if you’re feeling especially brave, a pair of suspenders. Since people with big personalities tend to frequent hipster bars more than anywhere else, you’ll be among friends with your standout fashion. 

While your night out clothes for men should remain interesting at a hipster bar, don’t make it look like you’re trying too hard - whatever you do. That’s rule number one for a hipster. 

Hip Hop Club

Your men’s night out fashion is geared towards a party if you’re headed to a hip hop club, and the best way to highlight that is through distressed jeans, a graphic t-shirt, Nike Air Force shoes, a baseball cap, and beads. By emphasizing the best streetwear brands, you’ll be getting attention in all the right ways throughout the entire night. 

Art Gallery

If you’d rather tone it down and check out an art gallery on the weekend, your outfit should reflect such choices. Choose a sharp dress shirt with dark-colored chinos (invest in a kit from Perk to get more of what you love), Chelsea boots, and an overcoat. This look is sleek and versatile, so it will work just fine if you plan on heading out to dinner after you’re finished admiring all the famous art pieces. Plus, you’ll look posh in all the best ways. 


Who doesn’t love going to a concert on a Friday or Saturday night? The event can be made even better if you know how to make the most of your men’s going out outfit, too. To a concert, you should wear a button-down shirt, slim jeans, classy sneakers, a smartwatch, and a splash of color somewhere in your outfit. This is a special occasion, so you should dress accordingly, but keep in mind that your clothes should be comfortable enough to go wild and dance like crazy in, too. 

House Party

A casual night out outfit for men can be worn at a house party, because this is the place where you can relax and get to know people better - whether they’re your friends or not. But that also means you should make a good impression with what you wear. Try out a cozy, trendy sweater, denim, nice sneakers, and cool socks, and your look will come together in a way you’ll love. 

Enjoying Your Night Out

Perk wants to make sure that you get the most out of your night out, and that includes dressing your very best. For more ideas on how to make your night out outfit the best it can be, make sure to check out our blog