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Concert Outfit Ideas - What to Wear to a Concert for Men

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Concert wear is no joke. While your main concern is having a great time listening to live music, there’s no denying that concert clothes will be on your mind. Even though you’re not on stage, nothing is stopping you from being the main act of your own show. 

For certain shows, concert outfit ideas can vary. You can play with the look and even go completely off the wall and experiment with what’s in your closet. Other times, though, it almost seems like there’s a specific uniform for men’s concert outfits. If you’re not sure how to differentiate these vibes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find a slew of different music events and the men’s concert outfits to rock when you attend them. 

Pop Concerts

Pop music is all about having fun and being yourself, so that’s exactly what your concert clothes should do. If you’re a simple guy, a t-shirt and jeans work just fine for a pop concert - especially if you wear one of Perk’s tops that are known for their high quality. You can also add layers to your look with a slick jacket or blazer. 


You can usually expect gigs to take place in a bar or a pub, so you’ve got to shift your mindset when you think about concert wear. Stick to comfortable clothes that you can move around in, but still make a point to look classy. The best way to pair these two mindsets is to gravitate towards a pair of Perk’s Feel Good chinos - they offer a classy silhouette and they’re so comfortable that you’ll feel great in them all night. 

Outdoor Concerts

Your outfit for an outdoor concert shouldn’t make you feel too hot or too cold - it’s very important to find that happy medium. For these events, you’ll most definitely want to layer. Wear comfortable pants, like jeans or chinos, and wear a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. You will be outside all night, after all. 

Country Concerts

Country concert outfits for guys are where you can really let your true cowboy shine. When you head to a country show, you can boast your love of denim and wear blue jeans, a button-down plaid shirt, and a jacket. If you want to wear a denim jacket, don’t be afraid to do that - if there’s any place where that style fits, it’s at a country concert. 

Indie Concerts

Those who attend indie concerts are known for their style. This is where you can make things interesting with your concert attire. Try out a bold-patterned shirt or a roll neck, and you’ll surely catch the eyes of the concert-goers around you - for a good reason, we promise. If you’re not digging the bold look, go for a classic t-shirt (like those that we offer!) and pair it with a floral overshirt and a pair of ripped jeans. 

Rock Concerts

Outfit ideas for a rock concert are similar to a night out clubbing. You’ll never regret wearing a leather jacket to a rock concert, but if you don’t have one, dark denim works just as well. Under that jacket, rock a band tee and a pair of jeans. Dark colors are the vibe for a rock concert, and when it comes to footwear, you’re going to see a lot of Doc Martens boots and lace-up sneakers. 

Reggae Concerts

Reggae concerts are all about showing off your love of color and creating a rainbow of clothing with other concert attendees. Your concert clothes should consist of bright t-shirts, neon colors, and a worn pair of jeans or shorts. Wear something comfortable enough to move around in, and throw on a bucket hat if the concert takes place outside! 

Rap Concerts

Comfort and style are the vibe when it comes to outfit ideas for a rap concert, because the last thing you want is to look like you’re trying too hard. Pick out a brightly colored shirt and loose-fitting clothing like track pants and hoodies. Oversized clothes are the move for rap concerts, as are sneakers! 

Hip Hop Concerts

Make sure you’re on trend when you attend a hip hop concert. Dark colors are great concert wear, along with oversized sweaters, chinos, and comfortable sneakers. You can always accessorize when it comes to hip hop, too, donning things like chains and beanies for an extra-cool look. 

Your Concert Experience 

The concert outfit ideas that you come up with should be based on comfort first - that’s something you shouldn’t forget. You can’t have fun if you’re too hot, too cold, or just plain unsettled all night. Feel out the vibe, then choose what feels right to you!

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