What to Wear in October in California

What to Wear in October in California - Perk Clothing

You know what they say about “West Coast, best coast” - and the same can be said about the fashion on that side of the nation. California attire is something that everyone strives to get right. If you’re a local, you might not spend much time thinking about it, but rest assured that you’ve got tourists vying for your breezy style. 

October is one of the most alluring times of year in California. October might not be the first month you think of when considering the Golden State, but this time of year is beautiful! Summer may get most of the glory, but October shines just as bright. And the best part is that you get to enjoy the beautiful environment with a lot less tourists, since October is technically the off-season for travelers. 

So, what are the clothes for October that you should consider for your California trip? 

October Weather

Cali is a big state, so October weather in California depends on where you’re located. For Southern California weather in October, expect daytime temperatures to reach about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, you’ll experience something around 50. 

On the northerly side of the state, you can expect mild temperatures anywhere from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to about 84. The nights can get chilly, though, just like the southerly region, at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Luckily, California Octobers don’t see much rainfall. If there is wet weather, it usually happens near the end of the month. 

California in the Daytime

Clothes to wear in October during the day focus on comfort and easy style. When you pack, concentrate on articles like t-shirts, shorts, pants, and comfortable walking shoes. 

Not to toot our own horn, but Perk has some of the best t-shirts around. Our Low Key Pocket Tees can be dressed down for daytime, or dressed up for an exciting night on the town. The best part is that it’s made of pima cotton, which will never fade, stretch, or pill. We care about the way you look in your tees, which is why we only offer high-quality stuff like this! 

We always recommend bringing a swimsuit, but don’t forget your jacket either. Sometimes, near the water, the wind can get intense and cool the air down quite a bit. 

California Nightlife

The California temperature in October can drop considerably at night, so keep that in mind when you go out. Layers are your best friend, and you can’t go wrong with layering a sleek jacket over a pair of Perk’s chinos and a crisp tee. 

If you’re headed to a club, there isn’t much of a dress code to keep in mind. But if you want to fit in with the crowd, try on a pair of ripped jeans and a classy shirt. The two will complement each other perfectly. 

California in the Fall

California weather can be unpredictable in the fall, which means that your California attire should be versatile enough to keep up with the changing tides. If you plan on making a trip to the West Coast, make sure to pack pants and shorts, long sleeves and short sleeves. And, like we said before, bringing at least one jacket isn’t a bad idea, either. 

When you’re filling your suitcase, there are a few essential clothes for October to remember:

  • Nice shirts. California style is based on wearing a nice shirt, like those we offer at Perk, with jeans, chinos, or shorts. 
  • Shorts and pants. Chinos will take you far in California, as will jeans. 
  • A jacket or hoodie for chilly nights. 
  • Swimsuit and other beach attire for hot days. 
  • Comfortable shoes to walk in, along with fancier shoes for a night out. 
  • Accessories like a watch, sunglasses, bag, etc. 

California Casual

No one in California enjoys looking like they’re trying too hard to look good - yet they somehow make the effortless vibe work. How do they do it? 

It’s not rocket science, we promise. All it takes to feel comfortable in October weather in California is combining a well-made, tailored-fit tee shirt and jeans. You can wear this combination anywhere in the state, north or south, and look like a true local. 

In order to make sure you don’t run out of this tried-and-true look, invest in one of Perk’s kits that includes a number of quality tees, or a few top-tier chinos. With Perk on your side, rest assured that you’ll never stick out like a sore thumb in California. 

Dressing in California

The trick is to avoid overthinking what to wear in California in October. Instead, go with what the weather tells you and trust your gut. And, if all else fails, reference to this guide. 

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