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Secrets To Dressing Like A Californian When You’re Not One

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When many guys think of the ideal lifestyle, they can’t help but think of one that takes place in California. What is it about the Golden State that makes it so alluring? Is it the beautiful weather, the to-die-for beaches, or the famous celebrities around every corner? Or is it the California streetwear that has people flocking to its shores? 

Our guess is that it’s a combination of all of these things, plus a way of life that’s found the perfect balance between on-the-go and laid back. In California, life is all about being cool, and streetwear in California is how you put across that ‘cool’ vibe without having to say a single word. 

The state is known for its stylish men. If you need inspiration, we recommend checking out California dress style for men. There’s just something about this West Coast fashion that catches the eye and grabs attention in a way that no other coast can do. 

In this article, you’ll get the rundown for California men’s summer fashion and how you can achieve it using Perk clothes and much more. 

Dressing Like a California Dude

Guys who live in California love that their closet consists of fun and light options. California summer fashion is known for its patriotism - you’ll often find clothing pieces that pay homage to trends of the past and previous decades like the 90s, 70s, and 50s. 

Men in California also love a good print - and not the typical understated, subtle print that you’re used to seeing. No, California streetwear is all about bold looks like retro illustrations and floral graphics. 

But if loud and brash isn’t your style, there are still ways that you can fit in with California summer fashion. Well-fitted, plain looks are lauded as much as anything else, including slim-fit, tailored chinos like the ones we offer at Perk and a classic, well-made tee. 

Here are some more looks that won’t steer you wrong:

  • Using Denim as a Staple

  • People in California look so good that it can be hard to differentiate who’s famous and who’s not. When you look around at the streetwear in California, you’ll notice a lot of washed denim jackets, band tees with logos, and heavy duty boots like Doc Martens. California men’s dress styles also include flannel shirts tied around the waist as a nod to the 90s.

    Remember, if you’re not into tees with designs or logos, you can always stick with the classics and invest in a Low Key Pocket Tee that will never let you down. This option from Perk looks just as cool, and it will last for years without stretching, fading, or pilling. 

  • Rock the Summer Suit

  • Remember what we said about staying cool with summer California fashion for men? This is a place where that concept can shine. Wearing suit jackets made of lightweight linen or seersucker is a great way to stay breezy and look fashionable at the same time. 

    California summer fashion even makes an open blazer, a nice top, and shorts work. With a pair of suede derby shoes, you’ll surely catch the eye of everyone you pass. 

  • Going Retro

  • Retro looks are coming back, and, as most trends do, it’s starting in California. To fit in with the rest of those wearing California streetwear, invest in a slim-fit vintage print shirt. The best part is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do so. You can likely find great options for this California summer fashion look at your local thrift store! 

    Pastel hues are another great way to channel the past. Look for clothing that has a lemon yellow or light pink base with subtle patterns like illustrations of people, sports, or iconic places. 

  • White on White

  • Now is the time to go bold and try out an all white outfit. Just start with a plain white tee tucked into slim-fit white denim. This is great for guys who have tattoos, as your clothes act as the blank canvas that the art on your skin has been dying for. 

    For nighttime looks, accessorize your white-on-white outfit with high-top sneakers and a classy watch. 

    Taking to the Streets

    Summer California fashion for men is all about taking risks, living on the edge, and expressing yourself through the clothes that you wear. What’s so unique about the men in this state is that even though the way that they dress undoubtedly impresses others, they dress for themselves first. If you come up with an idea that you want to try, don’t hesitate and don’t let societal expectations hold you back. Take a leap and you might just find yourself setting a brand new trend in California. 


    To learn more about men’s fashion in California and all over the world, take a look at Perk’s blog