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Top Fashion Trends for Your Next Summer Holiday

While the summer holidays might be coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that your summer holiday style has to dry up. There are still warm days left in the year, so your summer clothes shouldn’t go into hibernation just yet. 

But maybe men’s summer holiday outfits have had you stumped for the entire season. The girls have their summer holiday dresses - but what have we got? Summer holiday shorts? 

The answer is yes - there are ways to make summer holiday shorts work for every body type. But the great news is that guys have way more men’s summer holiday clothes than just shorts. There are tons of great options when it comes to clothes for the summer holidays, and this article is here to share some of those ideas. 

Summer is not a time for stress. So, let Perk take some of the pressure off. Get a load of these clothes for the summer holidays. 

Summer Clothes for Regular Guys

We’re here to share a summer holiday style that’s composed of great quality articles that look good on all body types. We’ll share our favorite staples that will last for years and that will look good whether you’re 25 or 65. 

  • Chinos and a Pocket Tee

  • Every man can benefit from a pair of chinos in his wardrobe. In fact, you might want to invest in a few pairs of these flattering pants, and that’s why Perk offers a variety of kits that include the chinos (in multiple colors) that your closet is lacking. Chinos are the perfect option whether you’re looking to dress your summer clothes up or down, because they go with everything. And the best part is they keep you cool because they’re made of a lightweight, cotton fabric! 

    To keep your chinos casual, pair them with our Low Key Pocket Tee in your favorite color. 

  • Shorts and a Shirt

  • There’s nothing wrong with keeping your summer outfits classic and traditional, and that’s exactly what we’re going for with this option. This timeless outfit is fitting on super hot days when the sun just won’t quit. If you want to dress your shorts up, go for chino-style shorts and pair them with a proper shirt. This look works wonders for both the barbeque and the board room. 

  • Summertime Layers

  • The power of layers should never be underestimated, not even with summer clothes. Even when it’s hot outside, you can still mix and match colors and textures to work in your favor. To begin, start with something simple, like one of Perk’s crisp white tee shirts. From there, add a short-sleeved camp shirt or even a Western-style shirt - just make sure the layers you’re adding are breathable enough to stay cool! 

  • Nature Basics

  • For some guys, connecting with nature is the thing to do in the summer - and we want you to look good while you bond with Mother Nature! When you’re working up a sweat outside, you can throw on a lightweight hoodie - it can get pretty windy up in the mountains or by the water - or canyon shorts that are perfect for campers, hikers, and fishing fiends. These will keep you cool and dry no matter how rugged the terrain or rough the waters get. 

  • From the Sand to the Street

  • Men’s summer holiday clothes should be versatile, because you never know where the day might take you. If you want to transform your look from the beach to the boardwalk, it only takes two simple steps: One, choose swimwear that’s elevated. This means going for a tailored fit instead of something loose and baggy - that way, it’ll be easy to dress up your trunks after you get out of the water. Two, pick out a pair of leather sliders or huaraches instead of flip-flops for a look you can take anywhere. 

  • Business Casual

  • For many of us, clothes for the summer holidays still have to include things that fit with the business casual vibe. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! When you have to look sharp for a business dinner or a beach wedding, you can make it happen with a preppy casual look (a nice pair of slacks, a good shirt, and a lightweight blazer with a pair of loafers) or a summer suit (made of linen material that will let you dress up without overheating. Pair it with a white tee instead of a proper shirt to keep that casual feel!) 

    Suiting up for Summer

    Your summer holiday style doesn’t have to be rocket science, or something to sweat over. Using these tips, you can create a basic foundation for your wardrobe that can help you look your best when it matters most - when the sun is shining! 

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