Men’s Style Guide - What to Wear in Las Vegas

Men’s Style Guide - What to Wear in Las Vegas

Vegas - it’s one of the trendiest places to be, so you want to look (and feel) stylish while you’re there. Vegas men’s fashion is no longer centered around the black tie look, though. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to switch things up and show off your personality with the clothes that you choose to wear in Sin City. 

This article includes tips and tricks to keep on hand about Las Vegas men’s fashion, whether you’re at the casino, the pool, or a nightclub. With this guide, you can use your Vegas clothing to stick out from the crowd without looking like a sore thumb. 

The Casino Look

A button-down and jeans is a classic casual Las Vegas outfit for men, especially if both are in darker shades. To add some color, layer a navy blue blazer along with it. For this look, fit is key - it takes precedence over the colors that you choose. Make sure your jeans fit well and that your shirt is perfectly tailored to your body. 

This look is easy to dress up, too. Instead of jeans, pick out a pair of chinos instead - preferably the Feel Good chinos that we offer here at Perk. They boast a perfect, slim fit and hug your body in all the right places. 

Casino men’s Vegas attire is all about being comfortable, yet looking sharp. You don’t want to look like a tourist by wearing bright colors and flashing like a neon sign. You want to make the impression that, even if it’s your first time at a casino, you know what you’re doing. 

Daytime Style

Las Vegas men’s fashion has never looked down on a t-shirt during the day, especially if it fits just right. That’s where Perk comes in - we only make high quality, well-fitting t-shirts that won’t fade, pill, or stretch over time. 

As for pants, khakis are your friend. Once again, this is a place where chinos can shine - because they’re versatile, attractive, and breathable. 

Regarding shoes, you’ll want something that you’ll be comfortable walking in all day. White or brown sneakers are solid choices. 

Pool Party

Vegas pool party outfits for guys come with one main rule: avoid flip-flops. Instead, try loafers or canvas espadrilles, as these shoes put across a much classier vibe. 

Swim trunks that include an understated print are great, and fit is important. You’ll look your best if the trunks are slim and trimmed above your knee.

You might choose to pair a white linen short-sleeved button-down with your swim trunks, or perhaps a plain t-shirt to center the attention on your shorts. If you decide to go with a t-shirt, check out our famous kits so you can get more than one of what you love. This could come in handy if you get splashed. 

Nighttime Style

Since Las Vegas is in the desert, nights get cold. For that reason, it’s important to have two layers when you head out for the night. You might choose to pair a t-shirt and a light-colored crew neck sweater with white jeans for a cocktail party. Or, if the night is headed for a more laid-back vibe, try pairing a track jacket with a t-shirt and jeans instead. 

Suede bluchers or classy sneakers are a solid choice for either outfit, and beanies are a useful accessory to keep your head warm. 

Fine Dining

Instead of wearing a button-down out to dinner, switch up your Vegas clothing and try a well-fitted, black t-shirt with a blazer on top. Blazers will be your best friend in Vegas, as they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Pairing this look with dark chinos will give you that sleek, classy look that every guy strives for with men’s Vegas attire. 

Out Clubbing

Men’s Las Vegas club outfits can always include a tailored suit, because they look sharp and you definitely won’t feel out of place. If you feel like dressing down your Vegas club attire for men, there’s always the option of wearing a t-shirt instead of a dress shirt, or even choosing to wear classy leather sneakers. 

There’s no rule that states you have to choose a suit, though. What to wear in Las Vegas is up to you, after all. You might choose a collared shirt with a bold print and a pair of chinos or dark dress pants to really give your top room to shine. 

Fashion in Vegas

Vegas clothing from day to night can vary greatly. For example, you probably can’t get away with wearing joggers at the club, but there are plenty of ways to make them (and most anything within reason) work while the sun is shining in Las Vegas. 

To learn more about what to wear in Vegas and much more about men’s fashion, take a peek at Perk’s blog