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Summer Style: Beach Day Essentials and Outfit Ideas

Summertime is a time for fun in the sun with days at the beach. There’s just one problem. What are you going to wear there? 

Sure, you’re dressing to have fun, but you want to look good while you’re at it. That’s why we’re going to look at the beach essentials you need to stay looking good at the beach. 

What to Know When Dressing for the Beach 

Before we dive into some recommended beach outfits for men, we should discuss what you need to know when dressing for the beach. Although we’re focusing on fashion here, following this list will keep your beach essentials list stylish as well as comfortable. 

Dress in Light Colors 

You’re going to be in the sun. That means dark colors are going to absorb all that sunlight and you’ll be hot under the collar before you know it. 

Light colors, on the other hand, reflect sunlight and will help you stay cool. Staying comfortable is just important to make your outfit work as your fit. So, you’re looking for white, pastel, and beige tees and bottoms.

On top of keeping you cool, as these colors reflect the light, they’ll also make you stand out in strong light. Perfect for keeping all eyes on you. 

Dress Versatile

All beach essentials need to be versatile. This is particularly true for men’s beach vacation clothes. 

Whether you’re heading for the water or hitting up a boardwalk rock food stand, you probably won’t get a lot of opportunities to change. And that can be awkward if you want to hit up a more formal venue before or after the beach. Don’t be the guy in the sit-down restaurant with sandy beach sandals.

If you’re not swimming, check out Perk’s form-fitting Chinos. They have an amazing, breathable fabric for all-day wear and tapered legs that keep you looking sharp. You’ll stay cool and stylish on the walk. 

beach outfits for men, beach essentials, beach clothes men

Keep it Classic 

Men’s fashion has come a long way, but we’ve seen some timeless styles in that time. A simple, upper-body enhancing tee is just what you need. Combined with any trimmed-leg shorts or pants, you have a prize-winning combination. 

With that in mind, don’t forget we’re talking about the beach here. Leave your trendy streetwear wardrobe at home (or the hotel). 

Pick Breathable, Fast-Drying Clothing

The beach is wet, who knew?

In all seriousness, you’re going to need more than a towel if you’re going anywhere near the water. You need something light and breathable, no matter what you wear. Otherwise, you might get waterlogged until you get a change of clothes. 

Dress to Your Skin Tone

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to the beach covered head to toe. Your clothing needs to compliment your skin tone. Plan your outfit accordingly. 

If you’re on the pale side, try muted tones of blues and greens. Olive skin favors rich khakis, oranges, and rust colors. Dark skin tones should consider neon brights.

4 Beach Outfits for Men 

With those considerations out of the way, it’s time for the fun part: outfits. We’ve put together a few simple combinations for you to work off of to match your own look. These outfits were chosen specifically with the beach essentials in mind. 

1. Plain Tee and Swim Trunks 

The classic beach look is always in style and is probably the easiest outfit to nail.

Get yourself a pair of tailored-style swim shorts. Take a look at our previous list, and find a pair that matches your style. For some extra flair, go for a multicolored pattern to pair with a plain light-colored tee in the daytime. 

beach outfits for men, beach essentials, beach clothes men,

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Then when the evening rolls around, it’s a simple switch to a linen shirt for a smart and stylish look. Just remember, whatever tones you choose should match your trunks and shirts. That’s all it takes.

2. Printed Shirt and Light Chinos

Just because you’re at the beach, doesn’t mean you’re always going in the water. That gives you an opportunity to style yourself in a look a little smarter than swim trunks. 

Switch it up with a printed shirt, just like you’d choose the swim trunks for the previous style. Then match your bottoms accordingly. A pair of light chinos make a perfect beach essential with their athletic, breathable material and fitted look. 

If you’re going to be in the sun, make sure you go with those light colors we mentioned earlier. On the other hand, if you’re going out in the evening, you can go with slightly darker attire. The choice is yours. Just remember to dress for the light. 

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3. Light Shorts and Tee

If you’re walking the beach, you’ll probably want to skip the trousers.

No problem, the same rules apply to a pair of light shorts as it does to swimming trunks. Pick light-pattern shorts and pair them with a same-toned tee. Just like that, you’re ready to comb the beach. 

To add some extra punch to your outfit, make sure both your shorts and tee are tailored. Avoid sagging and baggy clothing, and stick to what hugs your form. This is particularly important for your choice of tee as your outfit will accentuate your top half. 

4. Feel Good Tee and Light Chinos

Prints and patterns not your speed? That’s okay. Perk’s got you covered.

Our Feel Good Tee and Chinos are beach essentials on their own. So, if you’re hurting trying to decide on an outfit, just match one of our tees to a pair of chinos before you hit the beach.

Our Feel Good Chinos make great active pants, designed for stretch and comfort with an ultra-smooth and lightweight fabric, perfect for your beach essentials list.

Then there’s our Feel Good Tees, perfect with practically any bottoms. Plus, the curved hem makes an excellent untucked look with a tailored mid-section to save you from an unsightly, boxy midsection. 

beach outfits for men, beach essentials, beach clothes men,

What Else Should I Pack for a Hot Beach Day?

You’re not planning on going to the beach with just the clothes on your back, are you? There are a few more things to pack for the beach before you’re ready to head out. 

1. Sunscreen 

The sun is no joke. Always pack some sunscreen. And we’re not just talking health recommendations here.

Remember when we discussed matching your outfit to your skin tone? Well, that’ll go out the window if you burn like a lobster. 

2. Beach Hat 

A hat is a good accessory to top off your outfit. Pun intended. Plus, it’ll keep the sun out of your eyes. 

Whether you opt for a bucket hat or a ballcap, make sure it matches your outfit. Otherwise, it’ll throw your whole fit off balance. 

3. Sun Glasses

Keeping the sun out of your eyes never looked cooler.

A pair of sunglasses are an easy accessory to keep up with at the beach and lends a little boldness to your style.

4. Beach Bag

If you’re going to water or just don’t trust your trunks’ pockets, you’ll want something to put your things in. A beach bag that matches your style is perfect for a day next to the water, and if you want to take a dip, you have a safe place to put your things. 

And best of all, if your day calls for a quick change of clothes, your beach bag will be your best friend.

Let Perk Help You Get Beach Ready

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