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21 Style Tips for Men | Find a Dressing Style for You

You want to look your best, but that can’t be hard when you don’t know what looks good for men. And let’s be honest, that’s not something we usually think about. No worries. We’ve got you covered. 

Perk understands men’s fashion, and that’s why we provide the must-have’s: Chinos, the trouser know and love, and Feel Good Tee, an essential in any man’s wardrobe. 

And we’re taking that a step further today. To help you stay in style, we’re taking a look at the best styling tips for men’s clothes you can find no matter if you’re big, small, short, or tall. 

Simple Styling Tips for All Men

There some basic fashion tips for men that need to know no matter your body type. So, let’s look at those now.

1. Always Wear Clothes that Fit 

At the top of our list of styling tips that all men need to know: the fit matters. If your outfit sags, stretches, or pinches, people are going to notice. 

There are few things as obvious as ill-fitting clothes. Choose clothing that makes the perfect fit and never sags.


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2. Stick to the Classics (But Stay Modern)

The classics are timeless for a reason – they just look good. Look at men’s clothing over the last 50 years, and you’ll notice a trend of muted colors and subtle styles. Find a fashion that you love, and work from there. But remember, you’re not trying to dress like a man out of time. You’re dressing for today. Emulate, don’t copy.

3. A Subtle Accessory Can Go a Long Way 

Too many articles on styling tips for men’s clothes skip over the importance of accessories and how to wear them.

Get a good watch, a belt, a scarf, or any accessory that calls out to you. Then work on it. Pick an outfit that compliments it. Just remember to keep it simple. Over-accessorizing is worse than not accessorizing at all.

4. Dress for the Occasion 

If you show up at the gym in a three-piece suit, you’re going to turn heads – just not for the reason you want. No matter how good that suit looks on you, you’re in the wrong place for it. 

Always choose an outfit that matches the occasion. If you’re going on a casual dinner date at a chain restaurant, keep your attire casual. Going to a fancy restaurant instead? Then it’s time for the suit. We can’t give you a better styling tip for men’s clothing than common sense. Stay aware. Stay stylish.

5. Get Yourself a Good Suit Tailored to You

When it comes to men’s fashion, the best tip you’ll ever get is to keep at least one good suit. Better yet, get it tailored to fit your unique body type.

A tailored suit gives you a style that fits your body better than anything off-the-rack can provide. You can dress it up or down, wear it to a wedding or a business meeting. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you’ll look good. Just don’t forget tip 4.

fashion tips for men, dressing tips for men, fashion tips for guys

6. Add a Little Color 

When it comes to styling tips for men’s clothes, a pop of color in your outfit draws attention without making you “loud.” A bright ascot, pocket handkerchief, or undershirt with an otherwise muted outfit can give your fit the right amount of interest.

7. Wear Clothes That Make You Confident 

A confident man is like a vintage car, they turn heads. Giving you solid styling tips for men’s clothes will only go so far. You have to feel how you look.

Look for clothes that make you confident more than anything. A strong posture will go further than a Rolex. A good pair of chinos fit great and work for almost any occasion with that classic trouser look. It’s hard not to feel confident in a timeless and easy look.

8. Keep it Simple

Too many accessories and a complicated fit distract the eye. It even makes you look like you’re trying too hard. That can be worse than not trying at all.

Keep your outfits simple.

9. Dress Your Age

Save dressing like your grandpa for Halloween and dress the age you are now. Avoid childish designs or antiquated fits. Both will make you look like you’re trying to be something you’re not. 

10. Grooming Matters

An unkempt man under a nice outfit will offset all the work you put into your clothes. No amount of fashion tips for men will help if you stay unkempt. Because, let’s be honest, have you ever seen a fashionable man that also looked like he just rolled out of bed? You haven’t.

Brush your teeth, shave regularly, trim your mustache, and cut your nails. Just like your mother told you, all of this matters. 

11. Read up on Color Theory 

If you’re going to wear a color, that color better matches your whole outfit. Brown and gray don’t work together, nor do green and orange. Green and red, however, do work together.

Understanding how colors work together is paramount to including them in your daily clothing.

12. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

There’s no need to look good but be uncomfortable. In fact, if others pick up on your discomfort, it’s going to offset your fit. So, dress stylish but stay comfortable.

Perk’s Feel Good Tee gives you both with an amazing dress up tee witha subtle curved hem and stay-flat collar.

fashion tips for men, dressing tips for men, fashion tips for guys

Fashion Tips for Tall Men 

Finding the right outfit for your body type is key to building a style that works for you. So, here are some style tips for tall men in particular. 


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13. Avoid High-Waisted Pants

Men blessed with height are often cursed with long legs that make finding good clothes a challenge. As such, avoid clothing that makes your legs look even longer. Otherwise, you’ll risk looking disproportionate.

14. Layer Your Outfit

You have the height, now you just need to add some depth. Just for an example, try layering a sweater over a collared shirt or a jacket over a t-shirt. Not only will it create interest in your outfit, but it’ll help offset your height if you’re particularly thin as well. 

15. Choose fabrics that stretch

Now, we know you can’t get everything tailored. That would be absurd. However, you can cheat a little. Pants and shirts with a little give to them without becoming ill-fitting are highly recommended for tall men.  

And Perk’s chinos make a perfect fit for men that are stylish and professional while also being casual and comfortable at the same time. Plus, they have a tailored mid-section to avoid that boxy look. 

Fashion Tips for Short Men 

On the other hand, some men are short. That’s a fact of life. But it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t look good. That’s why we’re going to take a look at styling tips for men’s clothes for when you’re on the small size. 

16. Pick a haircut with height

For men wanting to make themselves look a little taller, try a haircut with some height to it. The exact style will depend on your face shape and personal preference. This could be anything from a stuffed quiff cut to a mohawk to a man bun. The choice is yours. 

17. Keep your accessories small

Bulky and oversized accessories like large watches and chunky belts will make you look smaller. Opt for smaller accessories across the board. Combine this with vertical stripes, and you’re well on your way to looking taller. 

fashion tips for men, dressing tips for men, fashion tips for guys

18. Avoid Short Jackets

Similar to small accessories, short jackets will make you look smaller. Opt for clothing that covers your hips, and it will visually elongate your torso. 

Fashion Tips for Large Men 

And now for the fashion tips for large men. It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, big men face a unique set of challenges. Here are some easy chubby men’s fashion tips to find a fit that works for your size.

19. Wear Clothes and Accessories that Match Your Size

You’ll notice a theme in fashion tips for big men is a focus on working around your size. We recommend that large men do quite the opposite of our recommendations for short men. Big accessories and short jackets will make you visually smaller. 

20. Stick to Dark Colors

Dark colors like black and navy create a slimming effect. It’s as simple as that. Avoid loud colors and patterns as they have the opposite effect. In fact, this is a basic styling tip for men’s clothing that works for everyone: dark colors slim, bright colors make you larger.

21. Never Wear Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes are notorious for making the wearer wider. If you want to wear stripes, opt for verticals to create a slimming effect. This will make you look both taller and slimmer than you really are. 

Stay Ahead in Men’s Fashion with Perk

Perk provides the basics you need to set the foundation for a new wardrobe that makes you look good and feel your best. Pick up a pair of Perk Chinos and a Feel Good Tee today to get started.

For more styling tips for men, check out The Perks blog to help you find what style works best for you.