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The Best Men's Clothing Styles for a Weekend Getaway

Summer is the time to think of weekend getaway outfits, and Perk is here to get everything squared away so you know the ins and outs of your weekend getaway clothes. We’re here with weekend packing tips that will get you through the season and help you look your best while you’re having fun away from home. 

Your men’s clothes for a weekend getaway will depend on a number of things. The weather conditions, your destination, and your personal style have a lot to say in terms of what you decide to wear. These variable conditions are also why it’s smart to pack things that allow for changing weather, like layers. 

One last word to the wise. Make sure your summer weekend getaway outfits are neutral in color - that way, they’re versatile and you can mix and match them when you need to. 

What to pack for a weekend getaway?

Men’s vacation outfits can vary. If you’re a chinos type of guy, you know how handy these pants can be for almost any situation. They’re definitely a staple you can’t pass up in your suitcase. Let’s get into what else belongs in there, too, so you know just what to pack. 


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Tops: Keep it Casual

You’ll want to pack casual tops, like t-shirts, that match your chino pants and your shorts. It’s always a smart idea to pack collared t-shirts and shirts that can be worn for casual nights and also be sported during the day on a sight-seeing trip. Depending on the weather where you’re headed, you can decide whether you want to pack more short-sleeved or long-sleeved options. 

Dressy Shirts

Dressy shirts that can be dressed up with chinos or down with jeans are a great part of a summer getaway outfit. It’s up to you whether you choose short-sleeved or long-sleeved options, but know that some restaurants can get chilly, and these shirts are usually the best choices to wear out to eat. 

Light Sweaters

Your outfits for a weekend getaway should always consist of a sweater - at least, it’s wise to have one on-hand. The evenings can get cool, which means you’ll want to stay warm with an outer layer. What’s more is that they pack very well, so they won’t be a hassle to take with you. 

Casual Pants or Shorts

Casual pants like chinos are a good choice for a day out on the town. You’ll want to pick fabrics that dry quickly, just in case of unpredictable rain showers, and shorts are always smart if you’re taking a reprieve in a cooler climate. Don’t forget to pack a smart pair of chinos and shorts for a night out as well. 

Smart-Casual Pants

For your weekend getaway clothes, you’ll never want to pass up chinos that you can wear with a t-shirt and walking shoes, then wear out to dinner with smarter shoes and a button-down shirt. When it’s warm, chinos work especially well, but you might also choose to wear dark denim jeans as well - it just depends on what your personal style is. 

A Belt

A belt is what adds the final touches to your summer getaway outfit. Choosing a regular leather belt gives off a classic and sophisticated vibe - and, not only that, it’s also quite practical as well. 

A Nice Jacket

If you’re going somewhere where you know you’ll need to dress up, you’ll need to look the part. If you plan on going to a high-end concert or even the opera, a sharp dress code will be required. Some hotels and other dining places won’t even let you in unless you adhere to their dress rules - so, pair your jacket with your smart-casual chinos and nice shoes. 

A Tie

You never know when a good tie will come in handy. It takes up a very small amount of room in your bag, which means there’s no harm in packing at least one. It might be just what you need to class up your outfit when you’re spending a night out. 

Walking Shoes

Men’s clothes for a weekend getaway often require walking shoes because many cities are explorable on foot. The last thing you want is foot pain while you’re trying to enjoy a vacation, so make sure to pack comfortable, sensible shoes that work for all the walking you’ll be doing. 

A Hat

Hats are essential for sun protection and the style factor for your clothes for a weekend away. Or if you’ve decided to travel to a cold destination, you can benefit from a wool hat to keep your head warm.

Staying Stylish on Vacation

Having stylish summer weekend getaway outfits can make your trip better than you ever knew possible. Count on Perk to keep you looking classy and feeling great - check out our blog for even more tips.