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Top Attires of Men That Women Find to Be Extremely Appealing

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It’s a difficult fact to deny - when it comes to men’s style, women will look at you and decide almost right away if they’ll say yes or no to a date with you. And the fact is that men in style are more likely to get dates (and impress women) than men who don’t know how to dress well. 

If you’re not feeling confident about your men’s dressing style, don’t worry. At Perk, we’ve got you covered, and our advice can help you achieve the most attractive outfit for a man whether you’re 25 or 55 years old - or anywhere in between! 

To follow are some top styles of fashion dress for men that will help you catch the ladies’ attention no matter where you go

The Importance of Shoes

When it comes to a man’s style of dress, he should never underestimate the power of his shoes. 

men style, styles of dresses, mens dressing guide


Invest in quality shoes in colors like black or brown, because this type of shoe goes with anything - whether you’re wearing a pair of great chinos, jeans, or dress slacks. Having a few pairs of shoes that are suitable for each season is key - along with having shoes suitable for all types of occasions. This means stocking your wardrobe with selections that vary from sneakers to loafers to shiny black leather shoes. And, no matter the shoes on your feet, always make a point to maintain them and keep them looking their best. 

Good Grooming

Even though grooming isn’t related to clothes or shoes, it’s still an essential part of your men’s dressing style. If you take a little extra time for your skin, hair, and facial hair, women will notice - and they’re going to find you attractive! Good grooming is also knowing the right amount of cologne; a signature scent is great, but drowning yourself in it is only going to put women (and everyone around you) off. 

The Fit of Your Clothing

Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or a three-piece suit, make sure of one thing first: that it fits the right way. While there are quite a few different styles of dress for men, your clothes should never be too baggy or too tight. Find a neutral ground between the two and, if you can’t do it on your own, find a tailor. Keep in mind that your top should properly fit your shoulders, your sleeves should never extend past your wrists, and your pants should be the proper length. 

A Classic Look

Let’s talk about one of the most classic looks when it comes to men’s style - the white t-shirt and jeans look. It never goes out of style, and women love it. It’s an outfit that almost every man looks great in; just take our last tip into account and make sure that your t-shirt and jeans fit you the right way. 

Rolled-Up Sleeves

Details go a long way when it comes to fashion dress for men. Showing off your forearms is a great way to get women’s eyes on you; it gives off a laid-back, relaxed vibe that can amp up your outfit in just the way you need. The next time you head to the bar after work, roll up your sleeves and see if this tip is a success. 

V-Neck Sweaters

V-neck sweaters are a classic look for men’s style and, really, any style. Rocking a v-neck in olive green, navy blue, or solid gray and throwing it on over a t-shirt or a button-down shirt will create a look that screams crisp and professional, but in-style at the same time. It looks great with a nice pair of chinos when the temperatures get cooler - it’s a go-to for guys all over the country. 

Henley Shirt

If you feel like standing out from the crowd, pick a henley shirt from your closet. These shirts give off a mature vibe for your men’s dressing style, and they come in all sorts of colors that will get you noticed. 

A Classy Watch

If you’re still wearing your watch from high school, it’s time to throw it out and choose something new and more grown-up. You don’t need to spend thousands, just find a durable watch with a metal face and leather straps. A quality, traditional watch with an analog face will serve you well now and into the future. 

Feeling Confident in Your Look and Yourself 

 This men’s dressing guide is helpful, but it can be made even more effective by a guy who feels confident in the way he looks. Wear clothes that fit you well, feel comfortable, and look good, and you’ll be the most confident guy in the room. And guess what? Confidence is the most appealing quality in a man; it’s what women want to see. 

men style, styles of dresses, mens dressing guide


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