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What Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Clothing Styles

Modern men’s fashion is an exciting concept. Many men’s clothing styles are interesting and fun to wear and, not only that, they help every guy look and feel his absolute best. But here’s the thing: cool outfits for men aren’t always what women find the most attractive. What feels good to you might not catch the ladies’ eyes. 

The concept of ‘attractive’ is subjective. What one woman finds alluring might be totally off-putting to another, so when you’re getting dressed in the morning, you can’t be focused solely on pleasing the female gaze. But if you want to take it into consideration, we definitely won’t stop you. 

In fact, Perk is here to help. We know a lot about guys’ fashion, which means that we have the helpful tips you need to look good for yourself and for the ladies. 

What Styles Do Women Find Attractive?

You’re probably aware of the fact that there are many different kinds of men’s clothing styles. There are clothes that you wear to the office, outfits you wear to the club, and those you wear for outdoor adventures. There are options within every sector of men’s dress style that will have women fawning over you. 

Here, you’ll find a variety of examples surrounding what women find attractive in a man’s wardrobe. 

  • Casual Style

  • This might come as a surprise, but it’s a known fact that women find casual style for men very attractive. In fact, many women are attracted to a simple and well-made t-shirt paired with great jeans. We bet you had no idea it was that easy! 


    This look is super easy to achieve. Just pick a top that fits well - nothing too loose or too tight - and find jeans that are tailored to your body, preferably in a tapered cut or slim fit style that ends just on top of your shoe. 

    If the weather is too cold for a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, there are still ways to pull off this casual look. Simply throw on a flannel shirt over your tee and watch your outfit come together in a brand new way. 

  • Smart Casual

  • If casual is too laid-back and you know that your lady goes for something a little classier, try the smart casual men’s fashion style. It’s not quite business casual; instead, it’s suited for the everyday. Think comfortable paired with elegant and mature and you’ll get a smart casual style. 

    You can still wear your jeans in this type of guys’ fashion, but many people opt for chinos instead. These types of pants are extremely attractive to women, especially if they fit nicely and they’re made well, like the chinos you’ll find here at Perk

  • Business Casual

  • Business casual is for the guy who feels the best when he’s in formalwear - but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around in a three-piece suit. Business casual can still be comfortable, but it must also be tidy and professional. Remember, business casual is anything that you’d wear to work and fit in at the office with. 


    To amp up your casual look and turn it into something business casual, throw on a well-fitted blazer with your jeans and t-shirt. A fitted cashmere sweater works, too, along with a button-down shirt, a nice pair of pants, and dress boots. 

  • Business and Formal

  • You’ve most likely heard women talk about how attractive they find a man in a suit. And it’s true, a suit is one of the most alluring men’s clothing styles that you can wear. A suit puts across the vibe of a strong, confident, capable man who knows how to dress and who knows that he looks good. 

    Wearing a suit can also boost the confidence of its wearer, which will only improve your appearance and garner more attention from the female crowd. Everyone loves a guy who’s sure of himself. 

    Attractive Details

    While focusing on the major aspects of an outfit is important for modern men’s fashion, it’s equally as important to focus on the details - even the small ones. Here are some details of cool outfits for men that women find sexy: 

      • Rolled-Up Sleeves :  Don’t be shy, show off a little forearm. The ladies love it, and it works with all kinds of shirts. 
      • Masculine Accessories: We’re talking ties, glasses, belts, and wallets that accentuate your look and show attention to detail.
      • Watches: Watches do a great job of showing off your forearm, and that’s something women love. These accessories also give off an old-school, gentlemanly vibe. 

    Confidence is Attractive

    While nice outfits for men are no doubt important, what takes the front seat every time is confidence. Once you know you’ll look good, you’ll start enjoying much more attention from the ladies. 


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