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Men's Clothing Essentials: A Checklist for Summer

Most guys look forward to summer, but men’s clothing essentials for this season can be hard to tie down. Shorts are discouraged at the office, and jeans are too. Summer weddings are also something to consider when thinking about men’s summer fashion essentials, so it’s like your mind is going in ten different directions. 

What clothes are essential for men?

Men’s summer style essentials, like all essentials, will vary. But a few articles you can count on include chinos, t-shirts, shorts, summertime layers, beachwear, and a business casual vibe. 

Men’s Summer Style Essentials

It’s Perk’s goal to help you look good. Keep reading to learn more about the men’s summer wardrobe essentials that we’ve put together to give you a leg-up this season. 

  • Chinos and a Pocket Shirt

Chinos are the wardrobe essentials for men that you absolutely cannot pass up. These pants are useful, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable - and they toe the line between casual and dressy. They’re also made of lightweight, breathable cotton, which means they’re the men’s summer essentials you’ll be going back to again and again. 

When you wear a pair of chinos and want to keep the look casual, choose a pocket t-shirt appropriate for the season - maybe one in a breezy, light color. 

To reach a new level of stylishness, try cuffing your pants or your t-shirt sleeves. This modernizes the look while still putting across a degree of laid-back coolness. Not only that, your ankles will catch the breeze and keep your whole body cool. 

Pair this look with a pair of slip-on shoes or Birkenstocks to achieve the ultimate men’s summer style. 

  • Shorts and a Shirt

What should men wear in hot weather? 

When it gets super hot and sticky outside, you’ll want clothing that lets your skin breathe. For most guys, that means a pair of shorts. 

For the most part, shorts are a casual part of your summer wardrobe - but chino shorts are a good way to dress up the look, especially if you get them in a dark color like black. Create a classy look by pairing these shorts with just the right shirt, like a polo made of merino wool (a naturally moisture-wicking material). If polos aren’t your style, throw on an oxford button-up and roll the sleeves to your elbows. 

Finding the right shorts and shirt combo can take you far during the summer. It’s a great look for a beach wedding, a backyard BBQ, or drinks with friends. 

You might assume that layers cannot be a part of your men’s wardrobe essentials when it’s hot outside - but you’re wrong. You just have to know how to utilize summertime layers. 

To create a look that works, start simple - like with a plain white t-shirt. From there, add a short-sleeve camp shirt or a Western shirt if you’re feeling saucy and creative. If you’re not, stick to a lightweight blazer. 

On the bottom, try out a pair of lightweight chinos in a khaki - this lighter shade won’t soak up the sun and will allow your legs to breathe on especially hot days. 

During the summer, your men’s clothing essentials should be versatile if nothing else, because you can never be quite sure where you’ll end up by the end of the day. While you might start off at the beach, you could end at a party on the boardwalk, at the bar, or at a house party. 

Even if that’s the case, know that you don’t have to leave your swimwear behind, you just have to find something that’s fashionable enough to pass off as ‘real clothes.’ 

When you choose your swimwear, find something that boasts a tailored fit, but that’s made with fabric ready for water. After you’re finished with the beach, throw on a linen shirt and partially button it. 

  • Business Casual 

Not every guy can rock shorts and a t-shirt every day - not even for his men’s fashion basics. If you’ve got business dinners and office attire to worry about, know that your summer wardrobe can include business casual options. Your business casual men’s summer essentials should be dressier than swim trunks and a button-up, but they should still give off the laid-back vibe of the season. 

Create your business casual look by rocking slacks, a nice shirt, and a lightweight blazer. Pairing nice loafers with this makes for a preppy look that’s classy and cool. 

If you’re not into the preppy vibe, try a linen suit so you can dress up without sweating buckets. Put on a classic white t-shirt underneath to keep the look relaxed. 

Getting Ready for Summer

Perk is here to provide everything you need for your men’s fashion essentials during the most exciting season of the year. For more summer wear tips, check out our blog.