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Men's Fashion: 6 Secrets To Look Effortlessly Stylish

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While dressing well doesn’t have to be rocket science or cost an arm and a leg, men’s fashion and style does take a bit of effort. As long as you put forth some care and concern for the way you look, we can promise that people will notice - whether you’re headed to the nightclub or the health club. 

People can always tell when you’re trying too hard. Effortlessness, on the other hand, is something to be coveted. But looking effortless doesn’t mean exerting no effort, which is an important thing to remember. 

In this article, we’ll go over six important fashion tips for men that you can carry throughout your life. 

  • Dress For Yourself

  • Instead of dressing to impress, dress for yourself. If you dress for other people, your style will be constantly shifting without finding a place to land, because you’ll be considering what society wants rather than what feels right to you. 

    When you get dressed in the morning, you’re showing the world who you are, so good outfits for guys are outfits that make you feel the most like yourself. When you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you carry yourself differently and attract attention for all the right reasons. 

  • Understand Your Body Type

  • To wear stylish outfits for men, you need a good understanding of your body type. This way, you know what will fit you best. Take a look in the mirror and analyze how your clothes fit - in a totally objective, non-critical way. Are sleeves too long or too short? If they’re too long, you might need a smaller sized top - check out our collection to see what suits you. If they’re too short, go up a size.

    Does the waistband of your pants sit at the right place on your hips? If not, play around with sizing in the same way you did with shirts. And, in the end, if you don’t trust the mirror, there are plenty of online quizzes available to discover your body type. 

  • Your Style Should Match Your Lifestyle

  • One of the most important rules in trendy men’s clothing is matching your clothing to your lifestyle. If you’re constantly at the gym, don’t flood your wardrobe with suits and ties. If you’re a parent, don’t dress like someone who has no responsibilities. 

    Stylish outfits for men should reflect what’s going on outside - AKA the season of the year - but they should also reflect what’s going on in your life. 

  • Invest in Quality Pieces

  • Good outfits for guys are made of high-quality articles of clothing that will last. Even though you might have to invest more up-front, you’ll save money in the long-run because you won’t have to buy new clothes every year. 

    Take Perk’s chinos, for example. They’re made of such high-quality material that they’ll last without stretching or fading. They’re not going to wear out in the way that a cheaper option might do. 

    High quality options are also more likely to flatter your body in an appealing way because they’re made of better materials. 

  • Notice the Details

  • Small details in trending outfits for men can make or break an entire look. Fine details are what sets a man apart and makes him stand out to strangers and friends alike - in a good way, of course. 

    A man who knows what he’s doing will pay attention to his grooming, his shoes, his belt, and even the collar of his shirt. It’s details this small that get people thinking how nice you look. 

    After you look good enough to notice enough times in a row, people will realize how fashionable you are. They might not be able to pinpoint the reason why; instead, they'll see your style simply as a facet of who you are. Instead of seeing your men’s fashion style as a separate entity, the two of you will complement one another. 

  • Invest in a Good Watch

  • Most stylish outfits for men are only complete with a great watch. A watch is one of the most important and iconic pieces of jewelry that a man can own, and your unique watch is a great way to express yourself. 

    A great watch can be worn with any outfit, from casual to formal, and it serves as the cherry on top of your entire stylish outfit. 

    A durable, classic, and timeless choice that won’t steer you wrong is a sharp-looking leather strap watch. This can be paired with anything from a suit and tie to jeans and a men’s fashion t-shirt, making it amazingly versatile and attractive. 

    Your Unique Fashion Sense

    Keeping these tips in mind as you navigate your style journey will help you to feel more confident in how you dress and, therefore, the way you look. For more men’s fashion advice, visit Perk’s blog