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The Lazy Man’s Guide - Winter Shopping Outfit Ideas

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Here at Perk, we know that time flies. One day, you’re at the beach with your toes in the sand and, before you know it, you’re trudging through the snow on the way to scrape ice off your windshield. 

Sometimes, winter happens right before our very eyes and leaves us no time to shop for a winter wardrobe, which is exactly why we put this shopping guide together. If you’ve been caught off-guard by the changing seasons, we’ve got your back. 

In this post, you’ll find some winter shopping outfit ideas for men so you don’t have to either a) feel lost as you’re browsing or b) wear the same old things you’ve worn every year since high school. 

Your Men’s Style Guide

Here, you’ll find some men’s winter outfits ideas essential to creating a wardrobe that will last not only this season, but for many winters to come. 

  • A Great Winter Coat

  • Every smart guy knows that there’s no getting through the winter in any state without a good quality winter coat. There are many options to choose from, too, which makes shopping for such outerwear so much fun. 

    If you live in a state that’s known for mild winters, you might go with something like denim - just for that extra layer on especially blustery days. But if you’re in the Midwest or far East, you’ll probably want something heavier, like a parka, puffer, or down coat. 

  • A Pop of Color

  • We find that men’s clothing guides often stick to neutrals and, while there’s nothing wrong with them, they can get a bit boring for winter. We think that there’s enough gray outside to begin with, so why not jazz your wardrobe up by adding a pop of color? You could choose to add a splash of the rainbow with a few t-shirts, a colorful jacket, or maybe your sneakers. 

  • A Henley Shirt

  • Men’s outfit ideas for winter aren’t complete without a henley shirt. This is a great piece for layering (have you ever tried one under a blazer?) and it’s also good on its own for when you head inside the bar and take your coat off. The best part is that it’s not just good-looking, it’s also super comfortable and laid back. 

  • Chelsea Boots

    Now, while Chelsea boots might not be your go-to choice for trekking through the mud and slush, they are the best option for winter nights out on the town. They bring slim-cut jeans and t-shirts to life, and they last forever. 

  • Chino Pants

  • At Perk, we’re especially partial to chinos because they look good on everyone and they pair well with almost any type of outfit. If you fill your closet up with a variety of colors, you’ll never run out of pants to wear during the winter - and that’s something we can promise! Whether you’re heading to the office or out to eat, chinos will be your new best friend

  • Good Sweatpants

  • Athleisure has a time and a place in this shopping guide, and we don’t think any guy should go through the winter without a quality pair of sweatpants. And, if you buy the right kind of sweats (think tailored joggers), you can even wear them out and about while you’re doing errands and look great while feeling comfy. 

  • A Turtleneck Sweater

  • This men’s clothing guide doesn’t just value looking good, it also values keeping warm. Luckily, a great turtleneck sweater can do both of those things. Wear a turtleneck on its own or pair it with a jacket, and it’ll be sure to put across a classy and confident vibe. If you’re going for a slim look, pick out a turtleneck in your size. If you want something trendy and slouchy, find something oversized. 

  • New Sneakers

  • There’s no wrong way to jazz up your sneaker collection for winter - after all, you need something to get you through the January, February, and March blues! One of the best men’s outfit ideas for winter is to accentuate a casual look with your favorite pair of sneakers - or dress the sneakers up by partnering them with a pair of chinos and a turtleneck. 

  • A Beanie Hat

  • You might not think a beanie has much power, but it does. Throwing this hat on with almost any look will make your whole vibe cooler. There are so many different types of beanies that we know you won’t struggle to find one that shows off your unique style. 

    Your Style This Winter

    Even though we’re already in a new year, there’s no need to fret if you haven’t filled up your winter wardrobe yet. As you can see, there are still plenty of easy ways that you can make it happen. 

    For more style advice for winter (and every season of the year), come check out Perk’s blog!