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What To Wear On Thanksgiving Day: Perk's Men's Style Guide

Somehow, it’s November and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. While most guys concentrate on the food surrounding this gratitude-centric holiday, Perk is here to remind you that you should think about what to wear on Thanksgiving, too. After all, you’ll be spending time around family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while! You don’t want to show up looking like a bum when everyone else looks sharp and smart

No matter what your Thanksgiving may look like - if you’re meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, hosting Friendsgiving, or keeping it low-key with family this year, we want you to look your very best. So, in this article, you’ll find some Thanksgiving outfits for guys that will help you make a good impression - and feel comfortable enough to fill up on all the good food. 

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s no one set dress code for Thanksgiving. Some get-togethers call for formalwear, so it might be time to dig out your Thanksgiving suit. Other occasions are more casual, so you’ll need Thanksgiving outfits for men for those situations, too. 

For a super formal dinner, you can’t go wrong with suits, ties, dress pants, and button-down shirts. For ultra-casual time with the family, you can wear athleisure that will take you from tossing the football in the backyard to coming in for a second helping of pumpkin pie. If you’re looking for thanksgiving outfits for guys that fall in the middle of those two, try out a pair of chinos (khaki is an especially great choice for this time of year) and a plaid flannel. 

Thanksgiving outfit ideas for men should revolve around comfort. No matter if you’re going formal or casual, make sure you’ve got the right fit and that you feel cozy and confident in your getup. 

Formal Thanksgiving 

What to wear for a formal Thanksgiving is always a conundrum, but layers are always a good idea. Blazers and sweaters are the top choice for a formal occasion - they bring along an elevated, yet understated, look that will have all the eyes on you for only positive reasons. Try out a pair of Perk’s chinos with a solid-colored blazer, and you’ll look classy and sophisticated while you carve the turkey.

If you’re not crazy about the blazer look, opt for a sweater instead. A sweater will keep you warm, and if you pick one made with luxurious material like cashmere or merino wool, you can layer it over a button-down and look especially dapper. 

Casual Thanksgiving 

If you’re attending a casual Thanksgiving get-together, casual clothes are your best bet for Thanksgiving outfits for guys. T-shirts are always a smart move, as you’re going to work up a sweat while throwing around the pigskin, and the house is probably just as toasty. With Perk’s t-shirts, show off your biceps and stay cool and comfortable all at once on Thanksgiving Day. 

With your t-shirt, you might choose to wear athleisure, like jogger pants. Keep a shacket or a denim jacket on-hand to stay warm and comfortable.

Your Partner’s Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving outfits for men can be especially stressful if this holiday is when you’re going to meet your partner’s family for the first time. The occasion is a big deal, so you want to look your very best. 

Since you’ll be in the spotlight, you’ve got to wear something smart, like black jeans. They pair well with pretty much anything and they can be dressed up or down. Donning a lightweight button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up creates a laid-back, classy look that will send the right first impression. 


Friendsgiving is the perfect time for your chosen family to come together and express gratitude for one another. If you’re not sure what to wear for Friendsgiving, keep it simple. Think of classic fall colors and go from there, adding texture where it’s necessary and judging your Thanksgiving outfits for men on the general vibe of the event. 

Wearing a flannel over a t-shirt is a classic look for Friendsgiving. If you need a stash of t-shirts to keep on-hand for options, check out Perk’s kits that include your favorite staples. Pick a flannel in your favorite pattern and wear it with one of our super-soft t-shirts, then pair that look with jeans for a comfortable, stylish night. 

Or, if you’d like to add some dimension to your Thanksgiving outfit, wear corduroy pants instead. They give the outfit a bit of texture. 

Feeling Your Best on Thanksgiving

Whether you’re sticking with casual for your Thanksgiving celebration or going formal, remember that the question of what colors to wear on Thanksgiving Day takes the back seat to what actually matters - spending time with your loved ones. 

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