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How To Dress When You’re Over 60 Years Old

Whether you’re newly 60 or a little older and looking to revamp your personal style, knowing how to dress in your 60s can be daunting. You want outfits that will look good and show your maturity, but not ones that make you look too old. We’ve got all the tips you need to get some wardrobe-defining outfit pieces that will revolutionize your look.

What should I wear after age 60?

The easy answer is, “What you like,” but the more nuanced answer is, “What you like—while staying appropriate.” The last thing you want is to be a man in his 60s who still dresses like he’s in his 30s. Aging is natural, and your wardrobe should age with you—but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

How should a 60-year-old man dress?

The key to how to dress well in your 60s is to wear something befitting of your age that still looks and feels good. You want clothes that fit well, look good, and make you feel comfortable.

The Fundamentals of 60s Style

So, what do you need to know about style in your 60s? We’ll break down what you want from different outfit pieces so you know what to get for your wardrobe overhaul.

The Best 60s T-Shirts

Any man needs some good T-shirts in his wardrobe—and that doesn’t change with age. If you want a cheat code for how to dress stylish in your 60s, it’s having good T-shirts. A set of simple T-shirts that fit you well can do wonders for your personal style—and your sense of confidence and comfort!

Get yourself a set of simple, well-fitted, and diversely colored T-shirts. These will go with almost any outfit, working well in roles ranging from comfortable undershirts to standalone tops. These are foundational to a good wardrobe. T-shirts are especially nice in the hot months of summer!

What to Look For in 60s Pants

But what about your bottoms? Well, you’re looking for a few things in your 60s trousers. You want simplicity, you want comfort, and you want versatility, much like with your shirts. To this end, there are a few options you’ll want to consider for your wardrobe bottoms.


The first option—and the one we recommend the most highly—are chinos. Chinos are just as fashionable as khakis while being as versatile and comfortable as jeans. You will absolutely want a few pairs of chinos for your wardrobe. Chinos are the key to how to dress when you are in your 60s as they come in myriad colors while being neutral enough for almost any top—like some of those T-shirts we talked about earlier—and straddle formal and comfortable enough to be worn in almost any situation.

We highly recommend using chinos to build out your 60s wardrobe. They’re everything you could want in a good set of outfit bottoms. They can be the centerpiece of your outfits or the accessory—they’re jack-of-all-trade pants that work perfectly in any situation. Also, Perk’s Feel Good Chinos are even made with athleisure compatibility in mind, so if you’re trying to stay active, these chinos will even work with working out and walking.

We also have guides on how to care for your chinos and how to accessorize properly with them, so you’ll know everything you need to know about incorporating chinos into your wardrobe.


Jeans are the workhorse of pants, and that never changes with age. Having some well-fitted jeans in your wardrobe is perfect for semi-formal or casual outfits, so make sure you keep a few good pairs around.


And finally, you’ll want some good shorts. Shorts are important just to have the option of more casual and cooler outfit bottoms, but you don’t want just any shorts! You’ll want shorts that fit you well, have a good length inseam for your body type, and come in the colors you need for good outfit construction.


Finally, you need accessories for well-rounded outfits. As mentioned in our chino accessory guide above, you’ll want good belts, comfortable watches, and (if you’re a hat person) nice hats. A diverse set of accessories lets you mix and match endlessly with different clothing pieces, letting you create hundreds of outfits from only a dozen or more clothing pieces.

Accessories can be especially useful for summer styling. When you’re learning how to dress when you’re over 60 years old, learning how to accessorize is especially important.

If you want more tips for men’s style and fashion, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!