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What to Wear in LA in Fall and Winter - Perk's Style Guide

No matter the time of year, sunny Los Angeles is a popular vacation destination spot. But what you don’t want to do while you’re there is look like a tourist! 

That’s what Perk is here to help you avoid. In this article, you’ll find male winter outfits that are so stylish that you’ll undoubtedly look like you live there. With LA in mind, we’ll help you pack the right clothes and pair the right articles for your winter vacation to the West Coast. 

The last thing your Southern California trip should be is stressful, which is why this article will help you get ahead of your worries. Fashion is a big deal for a lot of guys, and what to wear in Los Angeles can be a tricky question to figure out. It’s not always easy to plan these types of things ahead of time, but we’re going to make it happen. 

At Perk, we can make anything happen when it comes to men’s fashion clothing in winter, and also men’s fashion in general. 

LA’s Menswear Identity

When you travel to any city, you’ll notice that it has a fashion identity, and LA is no different. While it’s true that you can get away with stylish chinos and a well-made t-shirt almost anywhere, there are special things to know about every city that you visit. 

First of all, Los Angeles is known for its standout style. It’s actually one of the style capitals of the world! So, if you’re looking to travel here, make sure that you’ve got your winter looks for men on lock. 

What to wear in LA is also, in many cases, associated with the weather. Understanding the weather patterns in Los Angeles will give you important insight on what to pack - this is how you can travel smarter! When you go to Los Angeles, think about the weather… you can leave your parka at home, but there’s no way you should forget your t-shirts

Something else important to know about LA is the fact that it’s as laid-back and casual as you might expect. You don’t have to think too hard when it comes to your LA winter outfits. As long as you put the right pieces together, and those pieces are of fine quality (like what you can find while shopping at Perk), you’ll be made in the shade. Seriously! Most guys know how to make the simple ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ look work for them in Los Angeles. 

One last thing to remember for your LA winter outfit: shoes and accessories matter! Many guys find it useful to build their outfits from the ground up, because the thing that most people will look at first in LA is your shoes. Due to that fact, your shoes should make you feel confident and fresh, and your accessories should be placed perfectly. 


Perk can help you make all of this happen. Keep reading for a bit more inspiration on what to wear in LA. 

LA in the Fall and Winter

The fall and winter months in Los Angeles include October, November, December, January, and February. This is a great time to travel to Southern California because the weather isn’t ultra-hot, and you can rock the vintage denim, sweaters, leather, and bomber jackets - and all of these looks are well-loved by the city of Los Angeles. 

Like we said, shoes are critical in LA. While that’s still true in the fall and winter in LA, you have a little wiggle room to play around with your outerwear during these months. During the winter months in LA, you can expect trends of cooler weather, overcast skies, and lots of wind coming from the Pacific Ocean. 

  • The Everyday Look

  • For the everyday men’s casual winter outfits in LA, you can keep it simple. We’re thinking a white oxford button-up, a pair of stylish sneakers, and a pair of vintage jeans or, if you’re feeling up to it, chinos from Perk. When the temperatures drop at night, make sure to have handy a nice knit sweater or a denim jacket. You can expect the thermometer to read somewhere around 50, so you’ll want to keep warm if you’re still out and about. 

    Just because you’re visiting LA during the fall and winter doesn’t mean the sun has gone into hibernation for good, though. We promise that it will still show its face, so layers are going to be your best friend for this trip. They’re great to take off when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, or to put back on when it hides away again. 

    Looking Cool in LA

    At Perk, it’s our job to make sure that you feel your best because you look your best. For more men’s fashion advice, make sure to stop by our blog