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The Versatility of Denim: Different Ways to Wear Denim for Any Occasion

Levi Strauss made denim popular in 1870. Today, it’s a staple fabric that’s seen in men’s fashion around the world. And it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

That’s why today we’re looking at how absolutely versatile denim is, and how you can work it into an outfit for almost any occasion. 

Casual Denim Looks 

Few fabrics say casual and laidback as denim style. Men everywhere use it as their go-to for their daily lives. And it’s no wonder, denim is a wonderfully versatile option for any casual outfit. 

Classic Jeans and Tee 

A pair of jeans and a T-shirt, it’s a timeless look. If you don’t have time to think, just grab a pair of jeans and a comfortable tee. There’s your everyday look.

If you want to take it a step further, opt for slim and straight-fit jeans with a dark wash. Now you’re looking a little more polished. Just add one of Perk’s Feel Good Tees with their tailored midsections, and you have a sharp-looking outfit for a casual day on the town. 

Denim Jackets

The denim jacket is another denim style men love. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on where you’re going. Plus, you can feel a little like a Midwest cowboy while you’re at it. 

For a relaxed casual outfit, combine a denim jacket with a simple white t-shirt and slim pair of chinos. It’s simple but very refined. For some extra kick, add a pair of polished leather boots. 

Want something more sophisticated? Swap the tee for a button-down and the chinos for a pair of khakis. 

Denim on Denim

This style used to be sort of a joke among people in the know, but the outfit has made an unironic comeback in recent years. 

Combine a denim jacket with a pair of denim jeans. Just make sure the shades contrast to add some depth to your outfit. Then add a neutral-colored tee under it all to give the outfit a nice balance. 

Business Casual Denim 

You’re by no means limited to casual wear with denim. Men’s denim style is truly versatile. Here are some outfits to look professional but never overdressed. 

Dark Wash Jeans and a Blazer

Dark-wash jeans can work in almost any outfit. However, if you’re going for a business casual look, combine them with a tailored blazer, dress shirt, and sneakers. That’s all you need. Accessorize a little and you’re ready to rock the office. 

Denim Shirt and Dress Pants 

If you’re interested in a more contemporary denim style for men, look no further than the denim shirt. It makes an excellent alternative to the traditional button-down and pairs well with a pair of tailored dress pants or chinos. A blazer works well with this outfit as well. 

Denim Vest and Dress Shirt

Want more of a unique outfit for the office? Try a denim vest layered over a complementary-colored dress shirt. It adds a little twist that is still business-friendly. Then it’s a choice of chinos or dress pants.

Perk’s chinos in particular have a tailored look built to complement any body type and work beautifully with any vest, denim or otherwise. 

Semi-formal Outfits

Now we’re getting a little more serious; maybe even a little controversial. Denim isn’t typically what we think of when it comes to formal occasions, but with the right outfit, you can make it work. 

Dark Wash Jeans and Dress Shoes

We mentioned this outfit before, and it speaks to the versatility of denim. A pair of dark-wash jeans can be paired with a dress shirt and leather shoes for a simple, but formal-friendly look. Just add in an appropriate tie, and you’re ready for a dinner party with the boss.

Denim Suit 

For the fashion-conscious man, a denim suit can be a bold choice to make you stand out at any event. Get a well-tailored, slim-fit denim suit on the darker side. Then pair it with a white dress shirt, a solid tie, and dress shoes of your choice. Now you have a contemporary, formal look ready to stand out at your next meeting 

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Denim Accessories

Denim style for men isn’t just limited to the major articles of clothing. There’s a plethora of options when you want to accessorize and make your outfit stand out all the more. 

  • Ties - A denim tie is sure to catch some attention. These ties can add a unique and stylish twist to your formal and business-casual wardrobe. Just opt for a slim, and well-crafted tie to layer over your dress shirt to instantly elevate your look.

  • Pocket Squares - A pocket square is a subtle, but flattering accessory on its own. However, a denim pocket square in your suit jacket is an excellent way to incorporate denim style for men in your formal attire. A simple, solid color that complements your whole outfit is ideal.

  • Watch Straps - Looking for something a little more subtle? Switch out the leather strap on your watch for a denim one. It’ll add a classy yet casual look to your overall outfit with one subtle change. Just make sure to pick a high-quality fabric that’s comfortable for your wrist.

  • Suspenders - Another stylish accessory, denim suspenders work well in both formal and business casual outfits. Like a denim tie, denim suspenders add a unique twist to your outfit.

  • Hats - Returning to your casual denim men’s style, a denim bucket hat can be a simple and fun accessory for your outfit. Whether you’re heading to the beach or just hanging out with friends, a denim hat might be just what you need. 

  • Wallets - Wallets are just as much a part of your outfit as anything else. Although it stays in your pocket, people will notice when you take it out to pay or share your business card. As such, a denim wallet is a subtle touch to your overall look.

  • And More - For almost any fabric accessory, there’s a denim alternative out there. Find the ones that work for you, and experiment until you find that unique look that you’ve always wanted.

  • What is the Most Versatile Jean Style? 

    When it comes to versatility, you can’t beat slim or straight-fit jeans. They’re classy, yet casual. Stylish, yet comfortable. Everything you want in a pair of pants. They work for almost any occasion, especially if you opt for a dark color.

    Straight-fit jeans provide clean lines and a classic, masculine silhouette that you can dress up or down as you need. We’d even venture to say that these jeans might be the ultimate denim style men need for any outfit. 

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